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Organic Fairtrade Extra Dark Chocolate 4 Bar Gift Box


Made in Northamptonshire on a very small scale. This Extra Dark chocolate collection uses fine Dominican Trinitario beans blended with exceptional herbs, spice and oils for your delight. Priced at £9.99.

Mandarin & Ginger

Lemon & Cardamom

Chilli & Lime

Sicilian Hazelnut


Faith in Nature For Men Ginger & Lime Shower Gel


An elegant and subtly spicy aroma, this luxurious shower gel combines a blend of ginger and lime. Bursting with warming aromas to stimulate your senses. 100% naturally fragranced with essential oils. Priced at £5.60.


Organic Homme 3 Cool Down Moisturiser


A certified organic, non-greasy after shave moisturiser that replaces the natural oils needed for healthy skin and cools down the skin after shaving. It can also be used as an after sun/sports lotion. Suitable for men who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne or skin blemishes. Priced at £15.00


Pure Lakes Gardener’s Repair Skin Bar


This 100% natural bar is packed with soothing, ultra-moisturising ingredients including Cumbrian beeswax, shea and coconut butters and a blend of anti-bacterial Eucalyptus and Tea Tree plus Lavender and Chamomile that are kind and gentle on the skin. An ideal product for anyone working outdoors. Priced at £7.99.


Chuckling Goat Refresh Kefir Lotion


Refresh Kefir Lotion contains raw goats milk, award-winning kefir, oat oil, olive oil and rice bran oil. This Kefir Lotion also contains spearmint essential oil. Ideal for men, boys and athletes, with its minty blast of scent. Great as an after-shave balm, for getting rid of those annoying little red bumps. Perfect for hard-working man hands! Priced at £7.95.

Repcillin Shampoo & Conditioner Set


A set of Repcillin Extra Mild Shampoo with Crocodile Oil and Wild Harvested Baobab Oil for Thirsty Hair and Sensitive Scalp and Repcillin Hair Conditioner with Crocodile Oil and Organic Marula Oil for Thirsty Hair and Sensitive Scalp. Priced at £30.


TIANA Fair Trade Organic Exquisite Omega 3 Spreadable


TIANA Fair Trade Exquisite Organic Omega 3 Spreadable has no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings. It is unsalted and is deliciously creamy. It tastes as good as the best dairy butter. Excellent for sandwiches, on toast or over cooked vegetables, pasta, rice or potatoes. Priced at £5.99