Here we are, almost at the end of October with just over 8 weeks until Christmas – how on earth did that happen?!

With Christmas approaching and kid’s expectations increasing year on year, coupled with the ‘I want it and I want it now’ attitude most of us and our children have, it’s tricky to give a meaningful gift nowadays without spending a great deal of money on it. This can be a very stressful time of year around the issue of money.

Do you feel an impending kind of doom about your finances? Do you look at your bank balance and ask yourself, ‘How did I end up like this?’ and ‘How am I going to navigate Christmas – without going into the New Year with a sense of dread?

It doesn’t have to be that way and Wealth Coach Liz Hancock can help you conquer your money fears and address issues and mindset that’s been potentially keeping you small, she can help you grow the confidence and acquire the skills to completely change your businesses AND your life!  

After many years of playing small and being fearful of shining and running a business that was running her in to the ground, Liz now runs global programs which allow her clients to get the dramatic, true and lasting transformations they desire.

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Money is an interesting and complex subject. Often our reality is not the dream of being rich that we had when we were younger, and often, our current money situation may mirror that of our parents.

Maybe you have a lot of money – you earn a decent wage even though you have to work really hard for it.  But of course, when your income goes up, your outgoings usually do too, and we are often in a similar situation or at least experiencing the same amount of stress and anxiety around money than when we didn’t have ‘enough’ and how much is enough anyway?

Liz Hancock teaches everyone regardless of their current financial situation, to lose their fear around money and to take control. Here are some of her best Top Tips for a financially stress free Xmas: 

  • Begin by taking responsibility for where you are at right now. Write down your incomings and outgoings and set up a system to monitor these at least monthly.
  • Consolidate your debt and get your finances in order with the help of a financial adviser or a trip to your bank.  No more burying your head in the sand!
  • Start buying for Xmas now (and again in January for next year.) 
  • Make a ‘to buy’ list and keep a record of any purchases (I’m always finding an Xmas gift I hid then forgot to give people)
  • Don’t put it all on a Credit Card – think twice, is it really that important to buy your little one the latest gadget?  Educate your kids around the value of money and what Christmas really is about for you and your family (hint – this might need to change – e.g. spending time with loved ones rather than focusing on Xmas shopping then hitting the sales on boxing day!)
  • Try something new this Christmas. E.g. family Secret Santa’s so everyone has just one big present to buy, poems or pledges instead of presents etc.
  • Pay off a little more than your monthly Credit Card balance each month so that you have extra to spend at Xmas next year.
  • The big one (which most people miss): Work on your Money Mindset! Once we get rid of the negative beliefs around money – the fear, stress and unease most people feel around it (‘Rich people are greedy, Money is the route of all evil, people won’t like me if I’m rich’), we are empowered to make better choices, attract more money into our lives, value and make better use of the money we do have.

Liz believes that when you don’t feel constantly stressed about money, all of the above steps are SO much easier to implement. 

You can fight the war against money, or you can decide to make peace with it and work towards a peaceful but powerful resolution that will set not just you up for life but your kids lives’ too.


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