Party season is here!  We all want to feel great and look our best, even when it can be a frantic time of year juggling work, home, and endless social events. It can be close to chaos! I’d love to remind you to take a deep breath, take care of yourself with a bit of pampering and have fun!

Here’s my simple tips, homemade recipes, and some of my favourite products to help get you ready and sparkling and feeling relaxed – the natural way! Look great and feel great all the way through to the New Year! *click on images to go to individual websites

Feel amazing…

YourBeautyTonic for skin, hair and nails


Get in tip top shape with this collagen beauty booster. YourBeautyTonic is an award-winning Beauty supplement for skin, hair and nails. With over 16 ingredients in its unique formula YourBeautyTonic is available in handy powder sachets that you can add to your water or your favourite smoothie.

It’s rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid and 14 other super skin nutrients that deliver results backed up by science. Here’s to great hair, skin and nails for this festive season!

The Lemon Detox


Detoxing at this time of year is a great idea. It really gets you conscious over the upcoming season of excess and you are much less likely to over indulge, and a short detox has great benefits such as a glowing skin, more energy and overall feeling great, not to mention you will likely lose a bit of excess weight.

When it comes to cleansing The Lemon Detox is the original fasting cleanse/diet and is perfect for prepping yourself for Christmas and New Year!

Mix Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup with fresh lemon juice, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper to make the drink that will support you as you fast and banish any hunger pangs. Making fasting easier.


Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift is a wonderful new way to naturally age well and to lift both your face and your spirit! Potentially helping you to look years younger in just a few weeks

This magical facial treatment combines ancient and modern techniques such as Bergman Method Facial Reflexology, Japanese Facelift Massage, GuaSha, Quartz Crystals and Facial Cupping along with Native American healing herbs. Renowned for removing as much as 10 years of aging over a 12-week programme, Zone Face Lift can eliminate the need for Botox and offers a natural alternative to dermal fillers. It’s all about ageing well and naturally.

The treatment naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside, tightens, plumps, sculpts the neck line, smooths and lifts the face, leaving a glowing complexion after just one treatment. In addition, this programme helps to release emotions held in the face, leaving you looking softer, happier and calm.

Zone Lift

If you’re feeling a little bit frazzled and would love a quick pick me up, Ziggie, founder of Zone Face Lift recommends these quick and easy Zone Face Lift moves to bring you back to your best. Try it yourself in just a few minutes!

  • Heart to soothe emotions
  • Adrenals to reduce stress
  • Liver to detoxify
  • Occipital to ward off headaches/hangovers

Use a finger to press in and upwards gently on each point for 3 seconds. Repeat x3 times.

Ziggie’s private practice is at Grace Belgravia, London.



If you don’t fancy doing a full detox, then in the run up to Christmas, replace a meal each day with this detoxifying Super Green Smoothie (don’t drink it on the same day as indulging in rich food as it won’t mix too well for your digestive system!) but drinking it over the next few weeks will help you feel amazing and ready for Christmas and New Year!

2 green apples or 2 chunks of pineapple as a base

Chunk of broccoli stalk

Small handful spinach or kale

2-inch piece of cucumber

¾ inch of celery (fennel works well too)

Half avocado

Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and mix! Or juice everything except the avocado then add to a blender with the avocado and mix…and drink!

Get your home ready…

Christmas Clean

Christmas for some may mean a revolving door of relatives and friends coming to your home, endless parties if you love socialising, and even if you’re having a ‘quiet’ one, nobody wants to get bogged down with cleaning, tidying or washing up! Regular bleaches, detergents, cleaners with toxic chemicals can leave an unpleasant smell in your home, not to mention making it uncomfortable to breathe!


Check out NU-ECO – although there are other “natural” cleaning products around on the market, many are actually less than 100% natural (they only need to be around 85% to claim to be natural). NU-ECO are 100% natural guaranteed and are planet, animal and wildlife friendly. Safe to use in households with babies and pets.


Moisturise and Illuminate for Great Skin…

Right about now is when the constant change in weather dries out and distresses my skin and when you’re planning to wear a skirt or a dress for the party season, then it’s the time to moisturise! Get your face, legs and arms soft, smooth, and glowing.



Alteya Organic Illuminating Perfecting Serum

A lightweight serum that will help repair skin damage done during the day and promote skin’s youthful glow and texture, perfect for when you are getting ready for a party! Formulated with organic plant extracts, this invigorating serum is designed to deeply nourish and hydrate skin and improve radiance.

This outstanding face serum has been scooping some of the most prestigious organic beauty awards in the UK recently!



Coconut Silky Bath Water

If you don’t have time to sit and moisturise, put a spoonful of Coconut Oil straight into your bathwater making it soft and silky. You can then just dry off and rush straight out to party! Coconut Oil is also wonderfully nourishing for hands and feet. Last thing at night smother your hands and feet in it, put on cotton gloves/socks, and in the morning, you’ll really feel the difference.


Keep your immunity boosted!



It’s the time that we need to keep the germs at bay so they don’t ruin our seasonal social calendar! If you feel a little low or at the first sign of a cold, boost your immunity with this winter warming drink:

1/2 large apple

Big chunk ginger

Juice together and serve in a shot glass to down in one. Whooah, that is hot! It’s amazing for hayfever and colds

For a more soothing late-night version:

2 apples

Chunk lemon

Chunk ginger

Juice together, then add half a cup of boiling water and a spoonful of honey.

If you feel a cough or flu symptoms coming on, bathe in a hot bath with Himalayan salt, after your bath, dry off well, wrap up warm, sip a cup of the above drink and go to bed with a hot water bottle and a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

A Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Boost

A number of studies show that Apple Cider Vinegar increases levels of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria bacteria which is beneficial for the lining of the large intestine and great for immunity amongst many other health benefits, especially for blood sugar and weight control. It balances the bodies PH level and is also good for keeping those colds at bay.

For the Men to beautify…


The men in our life need some TLC time too over the festive season. Just use a little bit of Monshea Scalp Oil to invigorate scalp, hair and beards! A 100% natural concoction, put a little on your hands, rub together, and massage gently into beard and skin and feel it working to pamper your skin and beard perfectly.

Infused with invigorating essential oils of peppermint, rosemary & ylang ylang which encourage blood circulation in the scalp which stimulates hair follicles and helps to promote hair growth, peppermint has a cooling effect and will relieve an itchy and dry scalp.

Master Beautiful Hair….


There isn’t always enough time between work and the start of a party to have a full blow-dry! You can transform hair and ensure glossy locks that smell amazing with the Tabitha James Kraan  travel sized 4-in-1 conditioner and compact dry shampoo. These are a must have for the work to social party season!