My daughter recently had a bad tooth infection and I was looking for some kefir shots that would be gentle for her, but effective. High grade kefir is expensive – but what price for good health – and we all know that kefir is great to keep gut health in check and that gut health pretty much governs the health of our body in general, so it’s a great antidote to infection.

If you could do with a health boost right now, or indeed you want to get your gut in alignment and prepare yourself for the indulgent season, kefir is a great supplement to protect and support your digestive system, so it can cope with the extra excess. It will give you the confidence to not have to worry about the negative effects this festive season – and right now Rhythm Health are currently offering their Life Shot 200 30-day course for half price. I highly recommend the great quality of this kefir.

The Life Shot 200 is their highest-grade coconut kefir and has been fermented the longest.


It can be used as a 5-day or 30-day course.

Coconut fibre itself is a natural prebiotic and may support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and raw tender young coconut milk contains medium chain fatty acids, and essential electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium – making this a powerful health shot!

It’s great for those who don’t tolerate lactose or who want a non-dairy option. It comes in two fresh from fermentation deliveries of 15 bottles each.