You may have read about the current trend for the ritual of ‘Hygge’.  It’s pronounced HUE-gah and it’s a Danish word that doesn’t actually have one single translation but it’s thought that it loosely translates to feeling warm and cosy, loving the simple pleasures and a great sense of wellbeing.

It sounds like the perfect natural and eco Christmas. We briefly discussed going somewhere warm but decided we couldn’t possibly miss being holed up by a log fire, lots of fairy lights and the smell of cinnamon and chocolate, which is the essence of living the ‘Hygge’ way.

The high season of ‘Hygge’ is Christmas, when you can pull out all the stops so it’s worth putting some effort into making sure your Christmas experience special and one that isn’t purely commercial.

I like the concept of ‘simple’ being linked to cosy and warm and fun, and we can extend this to our decorations as well as our Christmas gifts, it’s thought that the UK alone throws away enough wrapping paper every year to cover an island like Guernsey! It’s easy to re-use newspaper or even some fabric remnants and tie with a large ribbon. Forget the tinsel and the fake baubles and literally deck the halls with boughs of holly.

You can make your own fabric advent string too, where instead of a Disney themed window containing a tiny bit of chocolate the children unwrap a tiny little box or bag every day, chocolate can feature of course, in fact an inspired stocking filler is the Choc Chicos Raw Chocolate Making Kit for kids, a great way of getting them to create their own healthy chocolate  – and for yourself to feel the simple indulgence that is absolutely ‘Hygge’ enjoy the incredible sumptuous and healthy flavours from Seed & Bean.





‘Hygge’ is about simplicity and indulgence and making the little moments magical.




It’s also about self-care and taking simple actions for a happier you. There’s nothing better than some well-deserved TLC at Christmas time, in the run up it’s a busy time so hopefully you get some days for much needed relaxation. Use this time to pamper yourself – naturally. The Soapy Skin ‘Serenity Gift Box’ is made for calm and relaxation, as is the ‘Indulgent Mini Spa Set’ from Conscious Skincare, both sets contain heavenly products to create an indulgent spa in your home.




Simplify your daily skincare routine with a natural regime from Pure & Light Organic Skincare who use only the purest and highest quality grades of therapeutic botanical-based ingredients and essences and their skincare products are uniquely designed so that each product is suitable for and enhances every skin type. This means your skincare routine is both simple yet effective and it’s a regime that you’ll look forward to morning and evening.


We could all do well to take a little time out for a daily calming ritual. The Danish are the happiest people on the planet and that’s a lot to do with them enjoying and appreciating daily moments. A cup of tea can be more than a simple cup of tea, it can be a moment of calm and nourishment The ‘Calming Cup’ from Just for Tummies is an award-winning signature-blend Tummy Tea to aid digestion, with a beautifully designed cup which is the perfect daily tonic for a healthier you.




In the season of ‘over indulgence’ it’s important to take steps in the healthy direction so you don’t suffer too much from Christmas excess! One of my favourite ‘simple’ ways to do this is to cosy up and have a daily healthy dose of Coconut kefir from Rhythm Health Whether it’s a juice, a yoghurt or a delicious snack of sauerkraut, it’s a treat to myself and I know it’s going some way to keep my ‘inner rhythm’ healthy..



It certainly wouldn’t be Christmas without scented candles but avoid the potentially toxic petroleum ones, Paraffin is the major ingredient in most candles. Significant processing is involved by bleaching and deodorizing to manufacture the candle wax. It releases carcinogenic chemicals when lit, which can contribute to respiratory illness. Thankfully there are some gorgeous natural candles such as ones from Conscious Skincare made with eco soy wax, and Zephorium’s beautiful home fragrance range which is based upon energy attraction and positive thinking using combined elements of colour and ingredients to enhance mind, body, and soul.




Candle Zephorium


There’s also the gorgeous and luxurious natural aromatherapy reed diffusers from Shui Me which will create a positive atmosphere in all rooms of your home.



Or go DIY with your candles, just roll a sheet of beeswax around a long wick and decorate with coloured wax and glitter…. a lovely crafty thing to do on a cold winter afternoon, definitely ‘Hygge’!

Merry ‘Hygge’ Christmas!