We’re SO excited to receive entries to the 2016 Platinum Awards, the standard this year is better than ever, your votes really do count so here’s a sneak preview of selected entrants. Please support them with your votes!

Purity – Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

Pure luxury, this beautifully fragranced and packaged Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser uses 100% pure organic essential oils with an alcohol-free base oil derived from sustainable sources, and contains no additives or synthetic fragrances, and is alcohol-free and eco-friendly. I love it!

What’s really fabulous is it will keep its wonderfully unique fragrance for 4 months or more which is at least twice as long as most other alcohol based reed diffusers.

Shui Me’s therapeutic oils are simply absorbed up through the natural reeds to infuse your room with a delicious and lasting aroma, a safe, natural option to fragrance your home.

Choose the ‘Purity’ therapeutic and harmonising blend for purifying the air in your home with refreshing citronella, lemongrass and sweet basil.

This beautiful blend helps purge staleness and promotes clarity. Perfect for your bathroom and anywhere in the home to wave goodbye to odours.


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