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Aloe Ferox Serum

Aloe Ferox is a beautiful product from a company whose beauty products are inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers, vibrant heritage, communities and plant life. This powerful serum is a skin treatment and a must for skin that needs instant hydration, even damaged skin that’s in need of a quick, deep, dose of moisturiser.

Used both morning and evening before your moisturiser, it penetrates deeply to bring skin to life and to renew elasticity for a more youthful skin and a healthy radiant glow. It’s full of nutritional vitamins including vitamin A, minerals, and a potent mix of honey and tripeptides that replenish the lost moisture and re-hydrate.

Just a few drops are needed as a little goes a long way. Apply into palms then gently massage into your face, neck and décolleté in upward circular movements using your fingertips, (as it’s natural, it won’t irritate the delicate eye area or sensitive skin areas).


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Geranium and Frankincense Body Balm

This ultimate luxury body balm fragranced only with pure essential oils that treat the body holistically. This balm works to protect and heal your skin and to uplift your mind and balance with the powerful effects of Geranium and Frankincense essential oils. Infused with shea butter, rosehip seed oil, marula oil and unrefined beeswax, this balm will soften, protect and invigorate the skin.

Frankincense generates feelings of joy, peace and positivity, and Geranium has wonderful balancing properties and is known to uplift low moods and aid in relaxation.

This balm works wonderfully after a warm bath or shower, massaged into damp skin, it’s great for restoring cracked heels, perfect for dry hands and any area of dry skin that may have been neglected, it will bring softness instantly! Massage into skin to promote increased lymph flow and circulation.

It’s all natural so you can even add a very small amount to your bath or melt some in an aromatherapy burner and the scent is heavenly. Perfect for an at home spa experience!


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Handcrafted Aromatherapy Oil Burner & Atmosphere Fragrance

This is a beautiful handcrafted product for creating the ultimate relaxing haven at home. Lighting a candle that is natural is a perfect way to uplift your favourite space. It has the beautiful aroma of Africology’s signature blend of neroli and sweet orange.

It’s easy to use, just fill the Aromatherapy Oil Burner with water and then add a few drops of the Atmosphere Fragrance, place a lit tea candle underneath the bowl. Your room will fill with the most wonderful orange aroma as the water and essential oils evaporate as steam.

The Body Balm can also be melted in this burner. Simply add a small chunk of your favourite balm in the oil receptacle in place of oil, relax and enjoy!


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