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Babycup First Cups

Babycup First Cup is a British made, first drinking cup for babies, recommended by dentists and health visitors for healthy sipping from weaning onwards. Created by a mum of three, Sara Keel, who wanted to save parents from cupboards full of unnecessary cups and help save little ones from preventable oral health problems, Babycup First Cups are changing the face of highchair drink time.


Many drinking cups made for babies are actually huge compared to the tiny size of a baby or toddlers mouth and have odd spouts and no spill valves, so not the easiest thing to drink out of! Your choice of cup for your child may not seem that important but if the cup you chose puts your child’s mouth and jaw in an unnatural sucking position day in, day out, it may have a big impact on jaw and facial growth. More and more experts are agreeing that an open cup is the best and most natural way to drink.

‘Sucking’ liquid as opposed to ‘sipping’ means that a little one’s teeth are exposed to liquids in a different way and so using a regular cup with a spout has been linked to tooth decay (particularly with sugar laden drinks) and is one of the reasons many children develop crooked or crowded teeth. Babycup has the thumbs up from dentists and orthodontists for oral health.

Babycup First Cups are perfectly-proportioned, mini open cups that are non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalates-free; durable; dishwasher-safe; steriliser-safe. They come in a range of lovely bright colours and stack together and store easily! They are lab tested in the UK and confirmed as adhering to EU approval.

Babycup will not leech any nasty chemicals into your baby’s drink, they are lightweight, easy to clean, and translucent so your child can see inside and enjoy their drinking time.

Baby-safe, baby-size and babies love them! They are also suitable for cup-feeding infants in times of feeding challenges such as latch issues, bottle-refusal, cleft or tongue-tie.

What health experts say:

“As oral health professionals at GOSH we encourage children to move to an open cup as soon as possible to reduce the risk of dental caries which are often connected to bottles or sippy cups. Babycup offers the perfect colourful tool for parents to start this process with their children”.

Katherine Pearce, Principal Dental Nurse/Manager, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children


Babycup promotes learning, independence, co-ordination, social skills, jaw development and dental health – quite a package for something that small.”

Gill Rapley, Co-author of Baby-led Weaning: Helping your child to love good food

Sip hooray!


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