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New Zealand is known for amazing quality raw ingredients that naturally possess high levels of bioactives. Te Mana is a unique high-end cosmeceutical range that hand-crafts according to strict Maori customs using an unrivalled selection of native botanicals, to offer us futuristic, skin-loving, multi-performing skincare, fortified with their own innovative, patent pending ingredient blend BioRestore3/4Plus.  

They use as many organic ingredients as possible, and hand harvest fresh from the source, respecting Tikanga (Māori Integrity) and in tune with the Whenua and the Moana (Land and the Sea). Their products are then hand batched and packed to maintain the best nourishing qualities while keeping the Mauri (Life Essence vibrant and intact).


Te Mana AHO – Radiance Infusing Essence

This is a multitasking essence/serum powered by the unique BioRestore4Plus proprietary blend of the world’s most effective, all natural, multitasking botanicals such as New Zealand green and red algae (Codium fragile subsp.novae-zelandie (and) Aeodes Nitidissima), New Zealand Black Fern – Mamaku ( Cyathea medullaris) and Hydrolyzed Keratin. – it’s serious skincare geared towards preventing damage by free radicals, it restores skins vitality by targeting lack of firmness and fine lines and wrinkles.

Te Mana know their ingredients well and they invest significantly in scientific research and clinical trials to enable them to prove the potency of their chosen botanicals on a scientific level. This powerful essence is designed for intense epidermal rejuvenation and to help reduce multiple signs of ageing. It also contains Zealong, a premium green tea grown, processed, and packaged from a single source in the pristine air and soils of Waikato, New Zealand.

For rejuvenated and plump skin, apply morning and evening time all over the face, neck and décolletage.


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Te Mana HAUMAKU – Time Release Hydration

This is a treatment for when immediate hydration is needed. If you have seriously dry and dehydrated skin, this unique hydrating booster contains time-proven New Zealand marine and land botanicals including multitasking native seaweeds, Mamaku (Black fern) gel and native plant oils to return skin to its most radiant and hydrated.

Packed full of essential sugars, lipids, and polyphenols that work hard to prevent water loss while leaving the skin ultra-quenched. It also contains Te mana’s unique BioRestore3Plus.

Apply all over the face, neck and décolletage in the morning and evening. All products are
dermatologically tested.


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Te Mana WHAI PAINGA – EXQ Pro-Collagen Complex

A biomimetic Pro-Collagen Complex powered by skin-loving wool proteins and active Manuka Honey, to fight all aspects of aging via its intense firming action.

This exquisite bioactive pro-collagen day cream is formulated with BioRestore4Plus to simultaneously fight skin aggressors such as elastase and helps stimulate an intense firming action. Your skin will love you for feeling richly nourished and as healthy as it can be.

Apply all over the face, neck, and décolletage in the morning, after the application of Radiance Infusing Essence.


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