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Pure Balance supplements are exclusive products available only directly or through carefully selected practitioners. All supplements are in the form found naturally in food and are therefore recognized by the body as nutrients, minimizing the likelihood of any allergic reaction and maximizing absorption and effectiveness.

Hair, Skin & Nails

This was the first hair, skin & nails supplement of its kind – which has been copied numerous times due to its amazing success rate.

Pure Balance wanted to make a supplement that actually provided the key ingredients that young and healthy skin is structurally made of. These are bulky ingredients that take up a lot of room in a capsule, but by concentrating on these 3 really important miracle skin workers, and the extra miracle hair worker, they have created a supplement that really works. Many other supplements have only half or less of these active skin and hair boosters.

Customer feedback is positive with people reporting that their skin looked plumper, younger, and smoother and without fail everyone has re-ordered!


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Clear Skin

Many skin problems are a result of toxicity in the body trying to find a way out and showing itself on the skin. If your liver and bowel are overloaded and cannot clear toxins in the normal way, the skin may be used to detox instead and this can result in problem, irritated skin.

Pure Balance have put all of their naturopathic and biochemical knowledge together (a fusion of science and nature) to formulate this great product which helps the body clear toxins in the preferred way, through the liver and bowel.

Again, feedback from customers has been 100% successful, even with teenage acne and often within one pot, so much so that Pure Balance have had constant repeat orders.


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Antarctic Krill (Msc Certified)

A clean and sustainable source of Omega 3, essential fatty acids and phospholipids. Today our natural diet contains much less Omega 3 than it did in our grandmother’s day and so our bodies are almost always lacking in this valuable essential nutrient.

Pure Balance were the first practitioners in the UK to use krill with patients, importing it from the U.S. before sourcing their own which is sustainable and ethically certified by the MARINE STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL. The oil is encapsulated on board ships as soon as it is caught and so is as fresh and unspoiled as it could be. Sadly, it’s the case that some oils on supermarket shelves have become carcinogenic before you even buy them because of their exposure to heat, light, and air.

Krill has been shown to be 50% more effective than all other Omega 3 fish oils, in helping with cholesterol, belly fat, arthritis, depression, learning difficulties, skin, brain function, and menstrual difficulties.


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Vitamin D3 With K2

Vitamin D3 is the form naturally produced in humans by UVB light on the skin. However modern indoor life and the extensive use of sunscreens has made so many of us extremely low in this essential vitamin. The latitude of the UK means that for 6 months of the year the sun is not strong enough to provide the amount of D3 we need. A shortage can potentially lead to osteopenia, osteoporosis, bone softening, and shockingly even rickets which is showing a resurgence in the UK.

This essential vitamin improves muscle strength and balance and reduces the likelihood of falls and also breakages if a fall happens. It supports immune function, decreases the inflammatory response, and promotes healing.

It can also play an important role in preventing depression and is an important supplement for the elderly.

VITAMIN K2 is essential to take with Vitamin D3 as the K2 ensures that the calcium absorbed as a result of D3 gets to the bones and teeth and does not get deposited into the arteries. This is even more important in menopausal women.


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This amino acid is needed to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of the body and to produce energy. It’s especially beneficial to the heart and muscles and cannot be found in vegetable protein.

Athletes often take 2 x 500mg capsules 20 minutes before exercise to aid fat burning.


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