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Real Remedies are a collection of natural teas, tinctures and tonics that use specially selected herbs, plants and roots to work in unison with the bodies chakras for attaining greater sensitivity, awareness, balance and renewed energy.

Founded by husband and wife team Vanessa and James Jacoby, and working alongside a team of expert blenders and traditional herbalists, over 100 herbs, plants and roots have been researched to create their handcrafted products.

James’ background as a Holistic Coach, Personal Trainer, Shiatsu Practitioner and Shaman perfectly prepared him for working with the plants and Vanessa’s background in corporate banking provides her with a sharp mind for business and market strategy.

Real Remedies vision and mission is dedicated to healing, growth and holistic wellness. Born from a shared desire to work with the Earth and create products that are ethical, sustainable, and provide people with a means by which to achieve growth and empowerment.

The team are guided by the plants to form synergistic relationships that act on energetic chakra centres in the body and are known as The Chakra Range:

The range of wonderful teas taste amazing and are an opportunity to enjoy a moment of deep reflection and introspection. Each tea blend is subtle and harmonious without added caffeine, stimulants, additives or flavourings, and individually blended for each specific chakra and its needs.

Capability – Solar Chakra Tea


This is a great tasting tea with fruitiness and a hint of spice, which helps the Solar Plexus Chakra and related organs, when our Solar Plexus is in sync we can feel more confidence in our capabilities – hence the name!

A combination of bay leaves, thought to be effective for settling upset stomachs, Chrysanthemum to help detoxify the liver and for lowering cholesterol levels, Ginger, Lemongrass & Lemon peel to help treat indigestion, reduce nausea and fight colds. Lemon balm is also added as its great for stress and anxiety reduction and for boosting alertness. Finally pineapple adds a great fruity aroma, great taste and health benefits.

Up to three cups a day for adults and one cup for children aged 5-13.

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Authenticity – Throat Chakra Tea


Taking care of your throat Chakra will liberate you to speak authentically as this is the centre of our expression. 

This tea is a fantastic combination of ingredients to create a clearing and soothing tea. Combining clove for its antioxidant, anti-septic, warming and soothing properties. Echinacea to boost the immune system and reduce cold and flu symptoms. Liquorice root helps soothe soreness and fights viruses, Meadowsweet is thought to be good for the common cold, to soothe and protect the oesophagus, throat and sinuses and also to reduce fever, and finally Mulberries contain alkaloids that activate the white blood cells that stimulate the immune system. A really powerful health boosting tea.

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Body Boost – Special Tonic  

With 100% organic and raw ingredients, this tonic will really give you a boost when you’re feeling under par. It contains the following naturally healing ingredients:

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother is known for its wonderful antibacterial properties and is the perfect solution when you feel the start of a sore throat, a dose can stop a cold in its tracks.

Raw forest honey is also antibacterial, having strong antibiotic properties as is garlic and red chilli. Baobab powder contributes to a strong immune function. Ginger and raw onion have numerous health benefits; Gingerol the bioactive substance in fresh ginger can help lower the risk of infection and raw onion contains a variety of organic sulphur compounds that can be a great cure for a cold.

Horseradish contains impressively high amounts of Vitamin C which also can boost immunity, and finally the wonder spice that is Turmeric, contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is a very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. So, all is all this is a powerhouse mixture (with a bit of a fiery kick – use diluted!) that can be taken when a serious immune boost is needed.

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