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Bring the relaxing, therapeutic experience of a luxury Spa day into your home, with award winning Shui Me natural aromatherapy reed diffusers. Choose from three wonderful mood enhancing fragrances.

Purity – Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

‘Purity’ is a harmonising blend of organic essential oils (each aromatherapy reed diffuser from Shui Me contains a very generous 25% organic essential oils), this is added to an alcohol-free base oil derived from sustainable sources to create a luxurious natural and safe alternative to scented candles and oil burners, a healthier way to fragrance your home.

Free from additives and synthetic fragrances, Shui Me’s therapeutic oils are simply absorbed up through the natural reeds to infuse your room with a delicious and lasting aroma.

Each diffuser contains two sets of reeds, so you can replace the first set after 2 months giving you a full 4 months of wonderful fragrance which is at least twice as long as most other alcohol based reed diffusers.

‘Purity’ also helps purge staleness and promotes clarity in the home and office and so can be placed in a bathroom or anywhere you wish to wave goodbye to unpleasant odours.

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Relax – Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

The ‘Relax’ diffuser uses a beautiful combination of soothing essential oils including lavender, delicate ylang ylang and aromatic petitgrain, making this a great diffuser to use in the bedroom, a relaxation zone, and any space where you wish to create a tranquil mood. It’s fabulous for yoga, meditation and spiritual practices and for those who desire a good night’s sleep.

Lavender has long been used to aid relaxation and release nervous tension, and combined with the effective anti-depressant properties of ylang ylang and pettigrain, which are both mood enhancers, this winning combination smells amazing and has the added benefit that it promotes joy and hope.


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Uplift – Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

Home fragrance is often used to help create a relaxing mood after a stressful day’s work, for this ‘Uplift’ is a great choice. The beautiful fragrance creates a Zen like feeling, with rich cedarwood and vibrant bergamot, this will raise your mood and relax you.

Cedarwood helps combat negative feelings, fear and anger whilst promoting a positive mood. Good for emotional balancing. Bergamot is great for anti-stress and ‘go with the flow’ thinking. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates natural home fragrance.


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