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Organic Whey Protein

The Organic Protein Company was founded by Daniel Whitehead who has a real passion for organic farming. Never being able to find an organic whey protein inspired Daniel to create one!

Until recently the only source of organic whey protein was in the USA, after much trial and error, and commitment, Daniel successfully brought the very first batch of organic whey protein to the UK, along with this success came a concern about the worryingly large carbon footprint resulting from shipping every batch across the Atlantic Ocean. After research Daniel came across an organic dairy co-operative in Germany who were producing their own version with a gentler low temperature filtration process, giving a much higher quality whey protein.

The cows feed on grass in the great outdoors all year round, and so it’s the best quality organic whey protein available.

For Daniel, animal welfare has always been a priority first and foremost, and so organic and grass fed was the only option with living standards for cows and other farm animals being the highest under organic farming than for any other farming system.

The cows are raised outdoors on open pastures, with at least 60% of their diet being grass, with the rest coming from organic cereals and grains. Even when indoors during the winter, they have plenty of room to move about, they are provided with clean dry bedding, fed hay, and provided with lots of natural light.

There is also of course the more commonly known benefit of knowing that you won’t be consuming any artificial pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms. In tests, the whey protein that The Organic Protein Company produce was shown to contain the lowest measurable levels of heavy metals – on comparing results with other protein powders they simply couldn’t find a single protein powder with lower heavy metal levels anywhere. In studies it’s also been found that organic dairy contains higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, another reason to choose the organic option.

Many whey protein powders contain soy lecithin, a substance extracted from the soya bean that helps it mix more easily with water – this one doesn’t and still mixes very well in a blender without it.

This whey protein is Vegetarian Society approved and has a creamy neutral taste and can be used in smoothies, protein balls and bars, pancakes and a myriad of different healthy option recipes.

The Organic Protein Company are a company with a real social and eco conscience and they give 25p to Compassion In World Farming for every pack they make, which goes towards helping improve the welfare of cows and other farm animals in the UK and around the world.

Additionally, they have a tree planted for every pack to help compensate for the inevitable CO2 emissions resulting from producing and then transporting to the UK.


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