We’re SO excited to receive entries to the 2017 Platinum Awards, the standard this year is better than ever, your votes really do count so here’s a sneak preview of selected entrants. Please support them with your votes!!

Kid’s 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash (New for Summer 2017 – for kids that don’t want to be babies!)

Developed with a team of little grown-ups advising Weleda’s experts on exactly how to make showering and hair washing more fun, the range includes three NATRUE-certified natural and cruelty-free washes. Each is vegan friendly, and free from harsh synthetic detergents, mineral oils or silicones, artificial preservatives, fragrances or colourants.

These natural plant-based biodegradable detergents are made from coconut, sustainable organic sesame oil, rich in skin-caring unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, that preserve the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Available in three great kid-friendly fragrances of Very Vanilla, with the sweetness of vanilla and delicate fruity notes of mandarin, Lively Lime with a zesty citrus scent of essential oils of lime and lemon, and Happy Orange, a tangy blend with a touch of vanilla to create a feel-good, sweet fruitiness.

Ideal for pre-schoolers and beyond – for whom Weleda’s baby range no longer appeals – whilst not as vulnerable as that of a newborn, the skin of a child is still thinner than an adult’s and not yet fully developed, so the ideal choice for skin and scalp is a certified natural product.

Available initially in Boots from June, and from natural health stores and pharmacies in September.


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24-hour Roll-On Deodorant Range (New for Summer 2017 – Citrus, Men and Pomegranate)

These new, roll-on deodorants offer 24h reliable protection from body odour, naturally. Without zirconium or aluminium salts, they won’t block the pores with nasty chemicals and so your skin’s natural regulating functions are maintained.

Made with skin-friendly and vegan-friendly ingredients including organic witch hazel, a natural astringent, organic licorice root extract which has soothing, antimicrobial properties, these are great for even the most sensitive skin.

They are naturally fragranced with pure essential oils and tested for 24hr protection and freshness, the formulations are quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky feeling on the skin. The handy sized bottle is ideal for travel, and fully recyclable. The new range includes Citrus with the pleasant scent of lemon and litsea cubeba, and spicy notes of petitgrain. The new 24h Roll-On Deodorant for Men is very straightforward with a masculine yet refined scent. Woody herbal notes of rosemary combined with invigorating freshness of litsea cubeba and vetiver essential oils, makes this deodorant a great choice for him.

To be launched this coming July, is the new Pomegranate 24h Roll-on Deodorant with the much-loved sensual scent of Weleda’s Pomegranate Bodycare range, it’s wonderfully fragranced with essential oils of fruity orange, exotic davana and warm vanilla.

These new organic roll-ons are certified by NATRUE and their all-natural formulations contain over 78% organic ingredients, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, dermatologically proven for skin tolerability and all in new recyclable packaging.


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Tinted Lip Balm range – Nude, Rose, Berry Red

NEW natural tinted lip balms for smooth lips with delicate shades giving a hint of colour. Choose from three fabulously flattering shades, all with organic Shea butter and organic jojoba oil.

Nude – a barely-there tint to leave a natural shimmer on the lips

Rose – a delicate blush pink with an attractive natural rosy-lips shine

Berry red – a sheer raspberry red colour for a ‘just bitten’ berry look!

These lip balms leave your lips with just a hint of gloss and shimmer. Dermatologically tested, even for sensitive lips. You can even easily combine the colours to create your very own unique shade!


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