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Intensive Care Hand Cream with Calendula, Honey and Beeswax


The perfect cream for anyone who frequently washes their hands, uses harsh cleaners or wipes, or has particularly dry hands – this cream was inspired by butchers who wanted a fragrance-free cream to create a barrier and protect hands from the brine and cold wet conditions! The combination of oils, honey and beeswax is gentle and petrochemical free so perfect for young skin.

Beeswax along with Calendula creates a lovely silky emollient and so it is soothing and calming for those who have sensitive skin. Calendula is known to be beneficial for treating any skin inflammation including chronic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and any type of dermatitis.

This cream was tested for more than 18 months (only on human friends of course) and the responses are incredibly positive. It is so rich that it’s presented in an open topped jar or paint tube as it is too thick for the airless pumps.

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Propolis Cream with Honey and Beeswax


Propolis is a super ingredient, it’s the sticky resinous material collected from the sap of trees which Bees collect and use to protect their hives. It has amazing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and has been used forever to aid in the healing of wounds.

People with psoriasis, itchy skin and eczema can benefit from this cream and people with acne too. It’s also been used to great relief from Bee stings and nettle stings

Available in 2 sizes, a smaller size for occasional use, flare-ups, pustules and pimples, bites and stings, and a larger size for those who need to use this cream on a daily basis. Gift wrapping in a handmade Liberty cotton bag with ribbon and tag is also available for an extra £1 charge.

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Fragrance Free Happy Nappy Cream



This formulation is developed for the most delicate skin. extra rich with beeswax to form a natural barrier combined with botanical oils and honey to gently moisturise – a perfect combination for bottoms!

Every ingredient is gentle and petrochemical free so perfect for babies. Almond oil is soaked with marigold petals to infuse the goodness into the oil and the calming qualities will be transferred to your baby’s skin.

Available as an open topped jar – the best value cream in the range, to keep at home next to the changing table and as a smaller paint tube designed to go in the changing bag. As with all creams, especially for young skin, try a small amount to ensure no reaction to any ingredients and do not use more if a reaction is observed.

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