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Bio Protective Systems is a UK based company set up in 2006 to distribute the Green 8 Bio Protection Products. The story began with a passion for Cancer prevention in children and its founder Bindi, who is a mother, started to look at everything that taxes our immune system after struggling with her own health issues.

Green 8 Products and Green 8 Transformers take care of human lives, vegetation, planet and the biological system, which are being affected by the volumetric amount of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). All Green 8 Bio Protection products create a protective sphere so they protect all living organisms within the surroundings.


Transformer 22 for Wireless Communications

 Transformer 22

This Wi-Fi transformer 22 will combat the unwelcome effects of Wi-Fi routers in your home and from neighbouring buildings too, covering an area of up to 20 metres.

Wi-Fi signals fall into the potentially harmful category of electromagnetic radiation so you’re at risk of heart discomfort, exhaustion, hormonal dysfunction, headaches, sleep disorder and nervousness.

Place the Wi-Fi transformer 22 next to the Wi-Fi routers in your home or office to help eliminate the dangerous risks that comes with using wireless technology and to create a more positive and relaxed working environment, enhancing the quality of the environment for yourself, your children and your pets.

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Transformer 28-4G for EMFs and Geopathic Stress

GeopathicMobile communication masts are littered throughout urban and suburban areas, surrounding our homes and work places. They occupy small geographical area but can send out electromagnetic waves that can emit to distances up to 45 miles.

Transformer 28-4G has been designed to neutralise EMF radiation and may create a permanently protected area against the emissions and effects of electromagnetic radiation from high voltages caused by various transmitter stations, including mobile communication masts, satellites, high tension pylons, high voltage installations and Smart Meters.

It’s ideal for all kinds of living/working spaces for humans and animals and can also neutralise geopathic stress from the earth’s natural ground radiation. It works by neutralising the pulsed EMF radiation plus geopathic stress and creates an ‘interference’ and additional positive energy sending positive frequencies opposite to the harmful radiation, which is then overlapped and so the ‘pathogenic’ frequency is eliminated.

This can help reduce EMF-related headaches, fatigue, restlessness and promote increased energy levels and mental clarity.

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Green 8 Gold Premium Body Harmoniser


This great little device strengthens your body’s own energy field the longer you wear it and protects up to a radius of 0.5 metre / a range of 1 metre.

The Green 8 Body Harmoniser is a small round energised Stainless Steel Metal-Chip, 23 mm in diameter with a black cord, that can be worn on the body, ideally over the solar plexus chakra to neutralise and protect against exposure to radiation from mobiles, computers, and modern technology to help reduce the adverse effects such as feelings of exhaustion, hormonal dysfunction, headaches, sleep disorder and nervousness.

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