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We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from computers, phones, tablets, Wi-Fi and more. At energydots, they have spent years developing cutting-edge energyDOTs that are powerful enough to help you combat all the invisible radiation emitted by the electrical appliances and gadgets that you use every day.




smartDOT is programmed to harmonise the EMF frequencies from the electronic equipment you use regularly. This tiny, easy to use smartDOT can be stuck to any home or office device such as mobile and cordless phones, laptops and computers, Wi-Fi routers, games consoles and hairdryers, pretty much any electrical device that emits electromagnetic radiation.

Simply peel the back off and stick onto any device that you feel contributes to electro-stress. The smartDOT will do its work by harmonising radiation and retuning the energy that can increase stress and tiredness and have a detrimental effect on health. One smartDOT is guaranteed to last for 2 years.

Each cell in our body acts like an antenna, an extremely sensitive transmitter of electromagnetic radiation; the body will thus ‘pick up’ and react to any such field to which it is exposed. Retune these fields and enable the body to relax!

Stick one onto any device that you feel discomfort in using or you feel contributes to any experience of symptoms of electro-stress. The smartDOT does not have to go in a specific position on your equipment but ideally you would put one on each item. If you have a computer with a wireless keyboard and a monitor, you will only need one smartDOT. Available in single, double or packs of five.

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bioBAND + smartDOT


The bioBAND is a personal wristband with a smartDOT at its centre for you to wear on your body which alters your immediate energetic environment for improved energy levels, better sleep, fewer headaches, less stress and less tension.

You can wear it all the time and it’s like recharging your battery as it rebalances energy. In a selection of colours and sizes this is the easy way to wear your energy balancing smartDOT! Retune and revive your energy. A smartDOT is offered with all bioBANDs. Suitable for adults and children.  Sizes are small (160mm) medium (180mm) and large (200mm).

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Radiation from Wi-Fi and our much-loved technical gadgets can interfere with sleep patterns, so if you are desiring a relaxed nights sleep then Sleepmat acts to help you sleep.  This sleep aid comforter has a sleepDOT stitched between layers at the centre of the mat, radiating a soothing natural energy vibration which works with your energy field.

Your field transforms to the vibration of the sleepDOT and so your body can relax and slip into deep nurturing sleep. The frequencies it radiates help your brain to slow to the theta and delta frequencies of deep sleep. It is one of the easiest remedies to use to help sleep.  Just keep the sleep mat in or under your bed.  You can put it under your head, lay it on your body or under the mattress.

This handmade cotton sleep mat comes in soft cream with the beautiful sacred geometry symbol of the Seed of Life stitched on the front. You have a choice of gold, silver, pale blue, pale pink, pale green or purple embroidery. Both sides of the mat are made from the softest organic brushed cotton.

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