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Marcia O’Regan is a Colour Therapist, Mother, Author and Enlightenment Enabler who, using the power of colour helps women expand and tap into to their innate potential. Colour changes your energy, your energy changes how you think and feel, and this in turn changes your life.  Marcia has the unique skills that uncover what is truly holding you back, so you can reach your true potential.

Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your personal life, Marcia can help you reach the highest levels of your infinite creative potential and tap into the deepest wisdom of your soul. Check out the ways you can work with her:

Inner Wealth Activator

 Inner Wealth

This online program from Marcia teaches you how to shift your money story from lack to abundance in just 7 days. A series of 7 individual videos show you how to clear your money blocks once and for all and activate your very own inner money Activator which is like a chakra to get you into the money flow.

This online program that you can study in your own time, will reveal to you the real reason why money isn’t coming into your life in abundance. It helps place you in the right energetic state to prepare you to activate your unique wealth activator and shows you that sometimes it’s not about what you thought it was, but something profoundly different.

Explore simple yet profound colour techniques that reveal what is at the heart of your money life experience. There is a dedicated Facebook group with support from Marcia where she will answer your questions and assist you with daily Facebook Live Q&A and healing sessions.

This program content can help you take control of your money situation and guide you to do what you were meant to do on this planet TODAY. Not tomorrow TODAY.


A few months ago, I felt stuck with my money situation – it seemed that I was attracting people who needed services I was selling but didn’t have the money to pay for them. I had just one session with Marcia, the following day I’ve made a $10,000 sale. You may say coincidence, but this happens every time when I work with Marcia, so whatever it is it works, Marcia clears abundance blocks that we have unknowingly built. 

Inga Deksne


Inner Wealth Academy

 Inner Wealth


Marcia’s Inner Wealth academy is a more in-depth opportunity to change your relationship with not only money but with yourself and relationships – you can unlock six steps to help you live a healthier, wealthier, and more complete life.

Even if you have a deep understanding of spiritual and personal development and growth, you may not be in the flow of applying it to everyday life. Marcia has created this coaching program to help you become aligned to your birth right of Infinite Abundance that will not only enable you to fully experience your soul mission, but have you LIVE a life of Freedom, Joy, Love and Inner and Outer Wealth.

This practical coaching will help you put the knowledge of self-discovery, spirituality and self-development into practice every day.

Live from Your Power


Spend 1 year working with four key pillars so you cleanse on all levels and allow more life, vitality, purpose and passion to enter your world. Anything that is obstructing your spiritual growth will be released, transformed and up-levelled.

Bring in fresh energy and perspective to move forwards bringing in more of the greater good – more joy, fulfilment, excitement, enlightenment, energy, peace and trust. Be the lover of your life.

Live from your power and express the highest expression of your soul. Stand so completely in your truth that even if the ground shook, your inner strength and belief would not waiver.

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