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Helena Cavan – The Milestone Detox


Helena Cavan is a detox consultant and juice therapist, expert on human hydration and is owner and director of the boutique juice and raw food detox retreat company based in the Cotswolds called The Milestone Detox. Helena and her caring team provide services which are transformational to body, soul and spirit.


The Milestone Detox retreat offers a number of options including raw food immersion weekends, cookery retreats, dinner parties, and juice detoxes, ranging from 2 days to week or more.

On the detox retreats you are gently guided through a daily routine which provides the best proven ingredients, recipes, treatments, organic hair and skincare products, techniques and technologies to give you great results.


All food and juices at the retreat are made from locally sourced organic vegetables and fruit using a slow cold press process that retains the natural enzyme life and vitality of the ingredients. Daily supplements include aloe, vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics and herbal laxatives. They also provide neutral-tasting bentonite clay and psyllium husk shakes to help cleanse the body as well as to help fill the tummy and avoid hunger pains! Before bed they serve a nutritional vegetable broth which is a great way to end each day. At the beginning and the end of your Milestone Detox your weight and measurements are recorded along with a pH test.


By mindfully nutrifying your body and soul, you will detoxify your system to look and feel great.

There are added options of colonic hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, use of a full spectrum Infrared Sauna, grounding and earthing treatments, pulsed electromagnetic therapy for the treatment of pain and inflammation, rebounding, Pilates and the option of a personal training gym just 5 minutes away, and plenty of beautiful country walks

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