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Incognito are the brand leader in the UK for natural highly effective insect repellent products. Their formula with active ingredient PMD is the only natural and effective alternative to DEET – they use the highest grade of PMD available, which is also the strongest, and it’s tested 100% effective at preventing mosquito bites from Zika, Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya carrying mosquitos and also repels ticks and all insects. The only insect repellent to ever win a Queens Award!

They are a truly ethical company manufacturing in the UK, donating 10% of profits to charity, Vegan Society, Soil Association and COSMOS Natural approved, no GM, toxic chemicals, parabens, SLS or any other nasties. Their flagship products are also packaged entirely in renewable source sugarcane plastic (every 1KG of sugarcane plastic produced prevents 4.6kg of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere).

Incognito New Improved Suncream Insect Repellent SPF30



This new and improved travel essential is back even stronger than before! With an SPF30 the newly formulated triple action 3-in-1 suncream, insect repellent and moisturiser provide both UVA and UVB (broad spectrum) protection and has been clinically tested to be 100% effective for 5 hours against mosquito bites with good protection for 8 hours.

Wow, this is a real multi-tasker of a product perfect for holidays and summer days and great for all the family as it can be used by children aged 2+. The sun protection works in conjunction with the natural insect repellent so that one fragrance doesn’t conflict with the other (sun cream repellents have been removed from shelves in the USA and UK because of the interference as conflicting scents can help attract insects and mosquitoes).

This formulation has a pleasant light citrus fragrance and has been tested 100% effective against Zika, malaria, dengue and chikungunya carrying mosquitoes. On top of this double protection from UVA, UVB and insects, it also moisturises and hydrates the skin and is water-resistant, making it perfect for going in and out of swimming pools or the sea, and having a greater resistance against sweat.

This 3-in-1 super sun cream is a travel must have and its triple action means you don’t have to carry multiple products in your suitcase!

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Incognito Insect Repellent Spray

incognito new SPRAY2016

Incognito’s flagship repellent spray is tropical strength and offers worldwide protection against day-time biting mosquitoes that carry Zika, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and night-time biting mosquitoes that carry Malaria. It is also effective on most biting insects including midges, sand flies, ticks, gnats, stable flies and all biting bugs.

It has been clinically tested to be 100% effective for at least 4 hours and provides good protection for up to 8 hours. It protects just as effectively as DEET yet is DEET-free and derived from plant-based ingredients. The active ingredient, PMD, is recommended by the NHS, Public Health England, the World Health Organisation (WHO), NaTHNaC (National Travel Health Network and Centre) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a United States government public health agency).

Non-greasy with a fresh light fragrance, incognito anti-mosquito spray is suitable for all the family, including babies from 3 months. It is designed to fit into aeroplane hand luggage. As well as spraying direct on to the skin, incognito can be sprayed directly on to clothes and luggage to help further repel insects.

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Incognito Hair and Bodywash


Another great, multi-tasking product which works to clean and nourish both body and hair. It significantly camouflages kairomones that attract insects and so gives full force protection when used with incognito spray or roll-on.

A great daily shower product, it contains rare organic Java citronella, and organic bergamot and tea tree oil, so not only does it have repellent properties, but it also works as an antiseptic and anti-fungal so is brilliant for tackling dandruff, fungal infections and head lice, so not just for tropical climates!