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The Naked Pharmacy is the first natural-only pharmacy dedicated to evidence-based natural medicines, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. The founder of The Naked Pharmacy is also the master formulator of the products, who has over 30 years experience and was formerly the Chief Pharmacist for Weleda. By using a range of unique, high quality natural ingredients at effective strengths, The Naked Pharmacy has developed a unique, natural and effective range of medicines, supplements and cosmetics.


Saffrosun for children


Saffrosun for children is a safe and effective natural supplement that contains 100% of the daily amount for vitamin B12 which has been shown in clinical research studies to reduce tiredness and fatigue, it also contains D3 for nervousness and emotional balance. In a recent independent placebo study of 68 young people aged 12-16 who suffered from mild to moderate anxiety and depression, it found significant improvements in internalising symptoms, separation anxiety, social phobia and depression when using saffron. All this is achieved without negative side effects.

It’s unique in that it also contains high quality Spanish saffron extract containing uniquely, a minimum of 3.5%of Lepticrosalides, which have been clinically proven to improve psychological balance, tiredness and help you feel rested and refreshed on waking. It’s a great supplement for exam nerves and social anxiety.

It’s the first clinically tested Saffron for ages 6-14 years and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Children who experience problems for more than four weeks should speak to their medical practitioner to investigate the cause of their symptoms further, in case of something such as iron deficiency.

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If you’re suffering from a sporting injury, or looking for a natural, safe supplement for muscles and joints, then Natruflex is ideal for you. It’s also a great supplement for gut health.

Natruflex contains a unique, optimized blend of the highest strength Turmeric and Black pepper, both sourced from Southern India and combined with magnesium. It provides 80% more Turmeric by weight per capsule compared to alternative products, providing a daily dose of 760mg total Curcuminoids and 19mg Piperine.

The market is flooded with Turmeric products, if you are looking for help with pain and inflammation of the muscles and joints then you need to take at least 95% curcuminoids and it should be combined with a good fat or black pepper, so that it can be absorbed well by the gut.

Scientific tests have demonstrated that Natrulex Turmeric contains over 15 active Curcuminoids. Extensive clinical evidence supports the benefits of Curcuminoids for joint and muscular discomfort. The combination of this strength and quality of Turmeric with piperine enhances joint and muscular benefits, compared to Turmeric with reduced Curcuminoid levels, without the piperine. Vegan and vegetarian friendly

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Aged Black Garlic x10


Garlic has been used extensively for centuries in healthcare, and Aged Black Garlic 10x has 10 times the active polyphenols than raw garlic and has the unique potent S-Ally Cysteine which has been shown to be significantly higher than other aged garlic products. S-Allyl Cysteine has been clinically proven to effectively reduce cardiovascular risks and circulatory problems. Great for circulation, heavy legs, if you are sitting for prolonged periods or if you struggle with your immune system. It’s an round supplement for gut, immune and cardiovascular health.

Aged Black Garlic 10X contains the highest strength, most effective premium grade Aged Black Garlic extract, combined with Vitamins C and B1. Fermenting and ageing increases the effectiveness of garlic and the active ingredients in this product have a protective effect on both the heart and circulation.

The ageing and de-odourising process means no pungent garlic odour. It contains no meat or fish products and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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