This is a perfect time to make healthier choices and we’re excited to spotlight for you some of the amazing natural products that we’ve discovered!

Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes


The smart choice in natural, beauty care, kind to you, kind to the environment

I love wipes for their convenience and these from Natracare have only the best certified organic and natural ingredients. They are incredibly gentle, particularly great for sensitive skin, but really for all skin types when you want to take every trace of make-up off and not add extra gunk to your face. Opting for certified organic wipes ensures you are taking off grime rather than putting it on!

Other brands of make-up wipes can leave your skin covered in unwanted chemicals, all linked to irritation. They can also be harmful to the environment – these from Natracare are soft, generously-sized, strong, and made from 100% pure organic cotton cloth, dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested. Vegetarian Society approved and COSMOS Organic certified by the Soil Association.

They do not contain any palm oil derived ingredients and are infused with the organic essential oils of apricot and chamomile with added organic aloe vera. Natracare Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes leave your skin cleansed, soothingly moisturised and refreshed naturally. The soft and strong organic cotton cloth is gentle but effective, removing even waterproof mascara and lipstick. They are also a great eco friendly choice being biodegradable & compostable.

Plastic-free individually wrapped panty-liners


Did you know conventional sanitary pads are made up of 90% plastic materials?

These are free from plastic and chlorine (oxygen is used to purify and whiten the cotton) and they do not contain rayon, latex, chemical additives, fragrances, or dyes, so will not cause irritation and many gynaecologists recommend Natracare for women with sensitive skin.

Soft organic cotton allows your skin to breathe. Choose from 3 different ranges – Ultra Pads, Ultra Extra Pads, and Maxi Pads, all with high quality protection, comfort, and reliability, individually wrapped in biodegradable purse packs.

They are safer for you and safer for the environment. Every year, over 45 billion sanitary pads are disposed of – most are full of synthetic materials and do not break down in the earth for hundreds of years. So, Natracare ensure products are between 95% and 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons


These tampons are made with only 100% organic cotton, nothing else. They are chlorine free and do not use rayon, plastics, or dyes like most other regular brands on the market. Biodegradable & compostable and they are without an applicator or with an easy glide soft cardboard applicator rather than a plastic one which can contain phthalates which can be absorbed through the skin.

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