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There are so many choices when it comes to that special gift and we’re excited to spotlight for you some of the amazing natural products that we’ve discovered – the perfect gift for those who love and appreciate natural and organic products.

Where luxury home fragrance meets the wonderful art of mood enhancing aromatherapy

Pure luxury, these beautifully fragranced and packaged reed diffusers use 100% pure organic essential oils with an alcohol-free base oil derived from sustainable sources, making this an eco-friendly product without additives or synthetic fragrances. A safe, natural option to enjoy fragrances that have a positive effect.

Shui Me’s therapeutic oils are absorbed up through the natural reeds creating a delicious and lasting aroma that lasts for 4 months or more, which is at least twice as long as most other alcohol based reed diffusers.

A lovely gift for anyone who wants to bring the experience of a Spa day into their home. Choose from 3 therapeutic and harmonising blends depending on the mood you’re looking to enhance


The ‘Relax’ diffuser combines soothing lavender, delicate ylang ylang and the aromatic embrace of petitgrain, this is a perfect combination to aid sleep and to promote a tranquil mood, helping you let go. Lavender has long been used to aid relaxation and release nervous tension, and combined with the effective anti-depressant properties of Ylang Ylang and Pettigrain, which are both mood enhancers, this combination promotes joy and hope.

Perfect for those who love meditation and spiritual practices and who desire a good night’s sleep.


The ‘Uplift’ diffuser mixes rich cedarwood with vibrant bergamot to raise your mood and de-stress. Cedarwood helps combat negative feelings, fear and anger whilst promoting a positive mood. Good for emotional balancing. Bergamot is great for anti-stress and ‘go with the flow’ thinking.

The uplift blend is great after a stressful, hard day’s work.


Using refreshing citronella, lemongrass and sweet basil, the ‘Purity’ diffuser helps purge staleness, to purify the mind and promote clarity. Lemongrass acts like a mental cleanser and Sweet Basil stimulates and mentally cleanses.

This is the ultimate blend to purify the mind and clear negative thoughts. Also perfect for the home to wave goodbye to odours, these three essential oils are also known as effective natural insect repellents to keep spaces cleansed and smelling wonderful.

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