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There are so many choices when it comes to that special gift and we’re excited to spotlight for you some of the amazing natural products that we’ve discovered – the perfect gift for those who love and appreciate natural and organic products.

Beautifully handcrafted cosmetics, made with passion and the best natural ingredients, beneficial to skin.

Goats’ Milk Honey Oats Soap


Winner of our prestigious Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Award for Natural Soap, this soap is rich in vitamins, minerals and complex fatty acids and soothes irritation, whilst adding much needed moisturise and repairing skin. Great for eczema, psoriasis and acne, the ground oats gently exfoliate skin to revive a dull complexion.

Pure Serenity Gift Box


What a thoughtful gift for those who desire calm and relaxation! Beautifully wrapped, presented in a white gift box and sealed with a gold ribbon, this gift oozes serenity and comprises of the following 4 luxurious body products:

1 x 250ml bottle of Pure Serenity Blooming Bath Oil – Create a wonderful spa feeling at home and fill your bath with sweet almond, hazelnut and jojoba oils that will soften and moisturise your skin. Relax with the peace inducing scents of ylang ylang, lime, lavender and clove oils. Blissful!

1 x 120ml bottle of Pure Serenity Dry Body Oil (spray) – A spray oil that is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy, just soft and supple. Beautifully fragranced with the heavenly scent of ylang ylang, lime, lavender and clove essential oils that give this a floral scent with a warming touch of spice.

1 x Goats’ Milk Honey Lavender Soap – Perfect for drier skins, this soap is rich in vitamins, minerals and complex fatty acids that help to remove irritation, moisturise and repair the skin. Ground lavender buds are used which make the soap look very pretty and help remove dead skin cells for a fresh glow.

1 x Mint Rosemary Shampoo Bar – I love the fresh clean scent of cooling peppermint, combined with healing rosemary and tea tree essential oils, this is a refreshing shampoo bar that helps stimulate hair follicles, leaving hair squeaky clean and shiny, and you scalp with a lovely fresh tingle.


Natural handmade Patchouli and Lavender Soap


A wonderfully aromatic scent of patchouli with lavender undertones all wrapped up in this unique colour soap. Its colour comes from alkanet root powder, a nourishing herb. The healing qualities of patchouli as a tissue regenerator, aiding regrowth of skin cells, combined with calming lavender essential oil makes this a brilliant soap to ease stressed skin as it promotes the growth of new cells and exerts a balancing action on sebum. Also, great for insomnia as it aids relaxation and promotes a restful night’s sleep.


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