New Year is a perfect time to make healthier choices and we’re excited to spotlight for you some of the amazing natural products that we’ve discovered – the perfect choice for those who love and appreciate natural and organic… and for yourself!

The Eve Cup


When it comes to natural and organic products there is an area where it really is incredibly important to consider our choices and that’s with products that we use intimately and regularly, and that our skin and bodies are exposed to, whether internally, externally or both. The choices we make have an impact on both our lifestyle and our health.

The ‘Eve Cup’ is a wonderful eco-friendly, economical and empowering natural alternative to tampons and pads. It’s made from medical grade silicone and is free from latex, toxins and bleaches. This makes it one of the safest menstrual products available.

Many conventional sanitary products can be made up of 90% plastic materials, and use chlorine, rayon, latex, chemical additives, fragrances and dyes, which can cause irritation and are not the healthiest choice. Organic and natural pads and tampons are a great choice, and so is this Eve Cup which is comfortable and kind to the female body and doesn’t disrupt our natural pH balance or create dryness. The Eve Cup is especially beneficial for women who are extra sensitive to even natural sanitary products and it’s recommended for avoiding and dealing with candida.

It has great financial benefits too and will save you what you would spend on expensive disposable products – with its 10-year lifespan it will save you enormous amounts of money and will have paid for itself after just 3 months! You can also feel great about the massive benefit to the environment as you’ll use just a few of these cups throughout your fertile years compared to many thousands of conventional products which all end up as waste in nature.

The Eve Cup can be used safely daily, and overnight, and is available in two sizes and three lovely colours. This natural option will simplify your monthly time, being discreet and ultra-convenient, many women who have tried menstrual cups already, switch to Eve Cup for its superior feel and ease of use.

This is a great gift to yourself, or a close female loved one, if you’re considering choosing a more natural and gentle product that is less harmful to the female body, and to the environment this is a great choice.