Come over and check out Janey Loves YouTube channel. This is where I will be letting you in on what I’ve been reviewing and what’s hot and on trend. I’m always happy to answer your questions if you want to send them over, the topics are endless – everything from organic haircare, through to cleaning your home without chemicals, through to natural sanitary protection!


Let’s have a realistic look at what’s around in the natural and organic sector, products and services and what we can do without spending money.

In my first episode I reveal my views on whether Joanna Lumley really can owe her beauty at the age of 70 to her £4 cream – the benefit of plant based oils for skin and hair and my weekly ‘Inside/Out’ tips, which will be one tip for your skin/ hair – or then again it could be a tip for your environment and one for the ‘inside’ that’s nutrition and digestive health – but then again it could be your home…it’s all very relaxed!

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