We love festivals (and camping) but they can be rough, no clean bathrooms, little in the way of showers, scorching sun all day (we hope!). It doesn’t have to be rough though, there are easy ways to make it a pleasant experience:

Incognito SprayIncognito spray

Protect yourself from those annoying bugs with the award-winning incognito® Repellent Spray. It gives 100% protection and has a fabulous fragrance.  Effective for up to 5 hours so will last a whole afternoon in the sun. This repellent is one of the strongest repellents in the world and provides excellent protection against all mosquitoes and biting insects. It’s even been proven to protect more effectively than Deet, yet is 100% natural – so safe for all the family, including babies.

£9.99   www.lessmosquito.com

Green People Sun Cream

green people


Green People Sun Cream is an SPF30 natural sun lotion suitable for all skin types. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin and those who are prone to prickly heat.  It’s water repellent but non pore-clogging, which allows your skin to breathe and it’s rich in natural antioxidants to protect delicate skin. This lotion retains moisture which gives a longer lasting tan. Apply 20 minutes before exposure to sun then every 2 hours or after swimming.
£21.00 (200 ml)   www.greenpeople.co.uk


Natures Naturals Celedrin Accelerator Balmceladrin

If you’re an active sporty type, or even if you’re walking around the festival site and burning off the veggie burgers by dancing, you’ll need to keep your muscles and joints healthy.

Celadrin® Accelerator Balm is a totally natural product that safely promotes flexibility and healthy joint function and comes in a handy dispenser that will fit into any pocket easily.  It can be used for headaches and joint and muscle care, with its clinically-proven patented compound of esterified fatty acids.  It’s immediately absorbed by the skin and leaves no trace on the skin or clothing. Safe for those with diabetes and shellfish allergies.  It also meets airline security regulations.

£19.95(50 g)      www.naturesnaturals.co.uk


Faith in Nature 3 in 1 Wipes

3in1Wipes0314W_main Once you have children it becomes second nature never to leave home without wipes, but avoid the potentially toxic ones that are brilliant at cleaning felt tip pens from the walls but not so gentle on the skin. Faith in Nature 3 in 1 wipes are a specially formulated pH balanced blend of natural essential oils to ensure effective cleansing and removal of make up naturally, whilst moisturising, refreshing, and toning. Not only do they leave your face and hands squeaky clean they also smell gorgeous.

33.25 for single pack    www.faithinnature.co.uk


Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

EN_Wild rose_deodorant_30_RGB-large

I’m a big fan of natural deos, and as a rule avoid fragrance but if you’re out and about and washing is tricky, I find the best way to stay fresh is with Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant. A spritz of essential oils neutralize body odours naturally. Natural ingredients work with your body to neutralize odour without hammering your skin. Pure essential oils of damask rose and ylang-ylang create a delicate, floral scent and the bacteria which causes the whiff are inhibited from building up.  It comes in handbag size!

£7.95 (30 ml)     www.weleda.co.uk


Tabitha James Kraan Organic Dry Shampoo

tabitha_james_kraan_dry_shampoo_fair_1There is nothing worse than lank, limp hair. Tabitha James Kraan’s Organic Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair or Fair Hair is the answer. It refreshes the  hair and creates volume. This natural dry shampoo will cleanse and restore natural beauty and body of hair between washes. An expert blend of therapeutic botanicals including burdock, nettle and comfrey, blended with the cleansing power of certified organic chestnut powder, certified organic tapioca powder and natural bicarbonate of soda. It’s finished with a scented, mind soothing infusion of certified organic essential oils leaving hair smelling lovely.

£19.00 (15 g)    www.tabithajameskraan.co.uk

Cherry Active Shots

Keep on the go with CherryActive® concentrate.  It comes in an easy to open 30ml single serving pack.beetactive-shot_1024x1024 Ideal for air travel (can be taken on the plane).  Each 30ml serving is made from the concentrated juice of approximately 100 Montmorency cherries and contains no sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or added sugar. Just mix 30ml of cherry concentrate juice into half a pint of fresh water – or dilute to taste. You can also  add 30ml of CherryActive® concentrate to natural yoghurt or a breakfast smoothie.

£1.79 (30 ml)    www.cherryactive.co.uk


TIANA Fair Trade Organics, Pure Raw Coconut Water

tiana coconut water



Stay hydrated with TIANA Fair Trade Coconut Water made from fresh young coconuts.  It’s raw, unpasteurised and delicious. Naturally isotonic containing essential electrolytes, it has low acidity and is very low in calories. This coconut water is  filled with minerals (Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Sodium), vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. A natural energy drink, it provides a source of ionic trace minerals that are essential for hydration.

£26.89 (350ml x 12)   www.tiana-coconut.com


Seed and Beanseed and bean mini bar


This company were the favoured chocolate brand for Glastonbury a couple of years ago so that’s good enough for me. When you feel like a snack come treat try Seed and Bean’s Organic Fairtrade Mandarin and Ginger Dark Chocolate Mini Bar. Behind the initial delightful sweetness of Italian Mandarin essential oil, you’ll discover a hint of Chinese ginger for a warm yet punchy confectionery treat. Plus this bar has a wrapper which is home compostable.

99p (32g Bar)          www.seedandbean.co.uk


travelset_zm-350x350 conscious skincare

Conscious Skincare Travel Pack

Love this, British made organic products suitable for all skin types,

Organic Mini Festival Kit includes;

  • Grapefruit, Lemon and Cedarwood shampoo and conditioner
  • Lemon and Rosewood hand wash and hand lotion