After the indulgences of the festive season, New Year is a great time to do a little gentle, natural, life detoxing and change up a few habits for a healthier you! Here are a few simple ideas that can make all the difference to how you look and feel!

Exfoliating Scrubs Without Microbeads

Detox and Refresh Your Skin Naturally

Using quick and simple natural ingredients from your kitchen means you stay away from chemicals, giving your skin the break it needs. There’s a link between chemicals in skincare to skin irritations and asthma and when you go natural you will often notice the difference instantly, going DIY is cheap and effective and your skin will thank you for it! Try these homemade options for an instant boost.

You can make the most basic exfoliating scrub by mixing oatmeal and water to slough off dead skin.

Oily Skin – go for cornflour instead which will help cleanse and nourish oily skin. To create a great Face Mask:

2 teaspoons of Cornflour

1 egg white

Mix, apply to skin, leave for 15 minutes and then wash off.


Pore Cleansing Coconut Oil Exfoliant

3 tablespoons Coconut Oil

1 tablespoon natural yoghurt

1 tablespoon of Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt

Mix all ingredients to a paste, apply to your face and gently cleanse with rotating movements, then rinse off!


Fruity Cooling and Repairing Mask

Half an avocado

Half a banana

Half an apple

A few drops of lemon juice

A little thick natural yoghurt to blend

This one works well if all ingredients are blended in a blender. Pat mixture onto skin, leave a few minutes and then rinse off. Pineapple is full of natural enzymes and a great fruit to add to a Face Mask for extra refreshing zing.

If you want to go down the ready-made route. Choose these great natural, reviving skincare options:

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots


A beauty shot that comes in powder form, you just add to water to make a natural berry-flavour drink. The ingredients work together to stimulate collagen synthesis, strengthen connective tissue and boost blood flow, which increases the level of hydration to your skin giving it a new plumpness and vibrancy, great for wrinkles, fine lines and dehydrated skin.

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Pure & Light Revitalising Facial Exfoliant


An incredible 32 natural and botanical ingredients in this luxury exfoliant gently cleanse, exfoliate, tone, firm, plump and brighten!

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Read HERE for some great natural superfood options to revive winter skin

Natural Personal Care

It’s the perfect time to choose a more natural and gentle personal product. When you’re using products in sensitive areas of the body, particularly with regular use, it’s vitally important to go as natural as possible. These options are less harmful to you and to the environment.


Natracare tampons and panty liners are free from plastic and chlorine (oxygen is used to purify and whiten the cotton) and they do not contain rayon, latex, chemical additives, fragrances, or dyes, so will not cause irritation.

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Eve Cup is a wonderful eco-friendly, economical and empowering natural alternative to tampons and pads. It’s made from medical grade silicone and is free from latex, toxins and bleaches, making it one of the safest menstrual products available.

Boost your Antioxidants

Matcha tea is prized for being very rich in antioxidants (more potent than standard green tea) and is linked to fighting cancer, viruses and heart disease, and clinical tests suggest that drinking matcha can speed up physical recovery after workouts, promote cell strength, boost immunity and speed up metabolism! A great New Year new habit option as an alternative to your daily coffee.


OMGTea source ONLY from the Nishio region in Japan and their matcha is 100% organic. Making OMGTea a smoother, sweeter and healthier matcha to drink!

Detox your Home


De-cluttering your home in the New Year is a great start to feeling cleansed! A organised space helps create an organised mind…or something like that! Recycle all those things you don’t need at the local charity shop and re-use those that you can. Swap those nasty chemical cleaners for natural options, just a few simple regular ingredients are perfect household cleaners and a much healthier option to detoxify from nasty toxic chemicals.

Glycerine mixed 50:50 with water is a great stain remover for old tannin stains: tea, coffee, fruit juice etc. Work it in and leave it for 30 minutes before laundering as normal.


Don’t throw away a lemon after you have made a salad dressing or squeezed over fish, you can clean a ceramic sink with half a lemon and it will make it shine beautifully. Add a bit of lemon peel to the cutlery container in the dishwasher – it will help shine the cutlery.

Vinegar will help prevent limescale around taps, in the loo, and can be mixed with lemon and water to clean surfaces and floors and to de-scale kettles.

Remove pet hair from fabric or upholstery with a rubber glove. Put it on one hand and stroke the hair off – it comes off instantly!


To minimise the effects of the toxins in your home use houseplants. Even NASA scientists say pot plants can help clean the air we breathe and can remove formaldehyde for to a radius of thirty feet.  A very easy to care for plant is Mother-In-Law’s Tongue – it cleans the air and is almost indestructible! But be careful as they can be toxic to cats and dogs! Spider plants are another great option, very hardy and don’t even need to be talked to! The Dracaena fragrans, otherwise known as the Corn Plant, is said to be able to mop up the most pungent toxins, so another great choice.

Stop using toxic scented candles and air fresheners in your home. They contribute to respiratory problems and asthma and can lead to increased irritability, tiredness and more serious conditions. There are plenty of natural options to fragrance your home beautifully.

For a wonderful air freshener, half fill a plant sprayer with water and add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil, lemon, lavender and geranium work well.

Candle with conscious skincare gift tube

For candles with a gorgeous aroma without the artificial fragrance, try the lovely eco grapefruit, lemon and cedarwood scented candle from Conscious Skincare.


Natural Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers from Shui Me are perfect for the bathroom and anywhere in the home to wave goodbye to odours and create a beautiful fragrance, naturally.

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Boost your immunity this winter season:

Go HERE for options and homemade recipes for boosting your immunity

Detoxing your Life


The Energy Alignment Method™ by Yvette Taylor is a simple and easy to use 5-step method, designed to enable you to change your energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions so you can get in flow, feel happier, take the right action and change your life.

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The Theta Healing® Technique is a unique holistic approach that is being used worldwide and has been for more than 20 years. It helps to heal and nurture mind, body, and soul. Combining mind work (subconscious therapy and gentle counselling) with body therapy (energy psychology, applied kinesiology, and the use of essential oils), with nurturing the soul through meditation and self-care.

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