Organic September is sponsored by The Soil Association and is a great time to focus on, and to celebrate the benefits of going organic, whether it’s with your food, skincare, household products or out in nature.

Whatever you’re buying, discover or rediscover truly organic and natural products and see how they really do benefit you, your family and the planet.

By eating and drinking organically produced food and drinks, you can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides, there are hundreds of pesticides that are used in non-organic farming which won’t be found in organically farmed foods.  Organic farms also support our birds, bees, butterflies and wildlife. Choose local and organic farms for produce, you can order most things online.

If you’re looking for great organic chocolate products I highly recommend Seed & Bean chocolate for an organic treat and the wonderful selection of organic coconut products from TIANA organics!

Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream and so of course, truly organic and natural is the better choice to make when buying skin care and beauty products, as I’m passionately fond of saying, treat your body with care and avoid the nasty chemicals and toxins that are in so many products. You’ll see from my video above, the importance of looking at ingredients, just because something is labelled ‘organic’ doesn’t always mean it’s the best choice where natural ingredients are concerned.

You’ll see from some of the entries from our 2017 Platinum Awards, there is now a vast amount of choice in great organic and natural products from companies such as:

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