We are thrilled to announce the sponsor of the Practitioners & Therapies category for our 2016 JANEY LOVES Platinum Awards is The Taymount Clinic, known internationally as a specialist centre for the production of tested, certified, high quality gut bacteria and effective, efficient implant techniques.

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The Taymount FRESH START Program (FSP):

Fresh Start Program (FSP) addresses “Friendly Gut Bacteria” as a wellness model for optimizing gut health rather than just as a therapy model for sickness.

The Taymount Clinic, Hertfordshire, UK, is known worldwide as a specialist centre for providing Faecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) procedures for the replacement of good and healthy intestinal bacteria in situations where unbalanced gut bacteria are thought to play a significant part.  FMT is the re-stocking of gut bacteria from a health and disease-free source, to create what is described as more normal, healthier bacterial levels.

However, it is not always about a specific disease condition or a known diagnosed illness.  All around us, we are witness to an increasing number of people who do not have a formal diagnosis but who have a general feeling of bloating, sluggishness and general gut issues which are not directly related to a specific illness, but more to lifestyle factors including stress, post-holiday illness, antibiotic treatments, and today’s chaotic lifestyles and eating habits.

This led Taymount Clinic to consider providing a wellness program for improving the numbers of good gut bacteria with nutritional information (what good bacteria need to eat) and lifestyle advice.

And so, the Taymount FRESH START Program (FSP) was born.  Made up of a five-day program of three preparatory colon lavages to achieve a clean colon, followed by three FMT implants.  The FSP is designed to help repopulate the gut with healthy gut flora – effectively like laying new healthy turf and border flowers in a garden, and then being shown exactly what fertilisers to use to get the best growth and weed control.

FRESH START Program – FSP – will be available to book from 6th June from website using this link: 


 (PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYBODY WITH A DIAGNOSED MEDICAL CONDITION, ACUTE OR CHRONIC DISEASE – Please book a consultation for the full treatment program on www.taymount.com, if those conditions apply)




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