We are thrilled to have Incognito as sponsors of our 2018 Platinum Awards!


Incognito are a multi award winning company that produce brilliantly effective 100% natural protection products to repel mosquitos and various other bugs. I’m a huge fan, the products are unprecedented in their effectiveness. Their formulation is certified as 100% natural, is stronger than any Deet-based products and powerful enough to use anywhere in the world, AND it really does work!

What I also love and admire about Incognito is their dedication to helping protect the environment. They are an eco-business that runs on renewable energy and fights for the future of the planet. They have recently teamed up with Spectra, a specialist packaging company to create new environmentally friendly bottles.


Their range of all-natural products include repellent spray, repellent roll-on, suncream with repellent, room refreshers, incense sticks, soap, hair and body wash, moisturiser, java citronella oil and Zap-Ease.

Everything you need for a natural, bite free holiday and summer.


Win An Incognito Back to Basics Combo worth £35!