We are thrilled to have NATorigin as sponsors of our 2018 Platinum Awards!


I love natural allergy free make-up and skincare of course, and as well as being kind to my sensitive skin, for me it’s also important that the range has great shades and great packaging and so I love the fantastic skincare and organic cosmetics from NATorigin, multi-award winning and you can feel assured this range is hypoallergenic.


Launched in the UK in 2010, NATorigin has already been bestowed with a number of industry awards and is currently the only cosmetics or skincare range approved by Allergy UK making it the clear first choice for people with sensitive skin or eyes and contact lens wearers. They have been certified organic by Ecocert, and all of its products are formulated with at least 97% naturally sourced ingredients. All products are also free from potential irritants such as nickel, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oils and silicon.

NATorigin Lipsticks v2

Their range includes a fantastic collection of nail vanishes that are easy to apply and provide a long-lasting shine, hypo-allergenic mascara that I can recommend for even the most sensitive eyes, superb lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundation, powders, blusher, skincare, and hand and nailcare.