Hannah Layton Turner is ‘old beyond her years’ and I love her acoustic approach. Her music is a great pop/jazz/folk/country mix with a positive vibe of feminine empowerment – Janey Lee Grace

Hannah is the centre of her band collective know as Hannah’s Yard, who are some of the UK’s finest musicians. As a 14 year old schoolgirl, with her mum, on a visit to a studio, Hannah opened her mouth to sing and the producers were left speechless by her beautifully understated voice.

Hannah progressed with her schooling but turned down University offers to be true to herself and follow her singing dream. Hannah’s Yard was born, thus starting a true labour-of-love, recording of their incredible and much awaited debut album ‘Beginnings’, two years in the making.

‘Beginnings’ – is a collection of meaningful songs about life and love, the album features 14 songs recorded in Hannah’s home town.

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What is the name of the famous song written in the 1770’s in the small town where Hannah lives? (check out the website for the answer!)

  • P.S. Check their website for a clue! www.hannahsyard.com

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