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Janey Lee Grace Media Relations

Helping you get YOUR message out to the world

My passion and specialist area is in the Holistic Practitioner/Author/Coach/Expert, Natural Health/Beauty, Alternative, Eco and Organic industries in the UK. I currently write for 20 magazines and on-line publications, and have written 5 books in this area including an Amazon No 1 best-seller. My Media Relations cover Three Areas, PR, Accreditation, and Coaching.  Have a look below to see how I can how I can help you…


Here’s just a few examples of the exposure I can achieve for you…

Natural Health (Gratitude. 4little1.Organic Monkey. Living Nature. Evolutio Life) Oct 11Holistic Therapist (Tiana. Sensara Kolure. Seed and Bean.Tabitha James Kraan. Pure Lakes. Mangle and Wringer) Feb 15True Health (GreenPeo.IntelligentNut.Weleda) Dec 14Balance-JANEY-LOVES-CHOCOLAThrive (Winterskincare-Tiana.My Vita Bella. Elena. Weleda. Green Peop. Inlight. SKN-RG. Pure Lakes. Naturesnaturals pg2) Winter Feb 15








janey-loves-banner8888The ‘Janey Loves’ Accreditation

Product accreditation and Awards for natural/organic/alternative products and services.

A recognised seal of approval for products and services meeting our strict criteria. Although not direct PR, accreditation is a superb cost effective way of increasing exposure/recognition of your products and brand. Your Accreditation seal Includes yearly entry into the UK PLATINUM AWARDS, unlimited competitions and competition entrant databases. An ideal addition and partner to the Accreditations are the PR/Media Relations Blasts and Boosts listed below…


media relations logoThree Month Publicity Blast

For Authors, Experts, Practitioners, Coaches and Individuals.

If you are someone on a tight budget and can’t commit to long-term PR, my Three Month Publicity BLAST may be what you need to increase your profile and get your message to the widest possible targeted audience in the shortest possible time.


media relations logoPR/Media Relations Boost

A Three Month package for companies with Natural/organic products and services (P.O.A.)

This media Relations/PR boost is ideally suited for companies creating natural/organic/eco/alternative products and services. Because Janey writes for many magazines and on-line publications, and has a good relationship with many editors/producers, she has the power to position you and your brand through content marketing, press coverage and endorsement. This package can stand alone but is also suited to companies who have  PR, and would like an ‘add-on’.


media relations logoDedicated PR

This is full-scope PR/Media Relations with a minimum six months contract (P.O.A.)

There are limited slots as I am only able to take on a small number of clients for full PR. Please drop me a line to discuss the possibilities. janey@imperfectlynatural.com



susie gower“I’m thrilled with the outcome of working with Janey, here are just some of my successes since starting in January 2014 – all achieved as a result of Janey’s PR, contacts or advice. Press Secured; Ask A Mum – online magazine with top tips and expert advice to three separate articles (referred from Mother and baby journo) Bella Magazine – patient case in their 2 page spread featuring three difference experiences for conceiving· Mother and Baby magazine – on-line multiple features as a go to Pre Birth Expert advising on miscarriage· Herts Life Magazine – Janey Lee Grace Column. Contacts with journalists writing for; Daily Mail / Fertility Road Magazine / Holland and Barrett’s in house magazine / Essential Magazine / Natural Health Magazine / Numerous freelance writers. Business wise;  Brand clarity and definition of my USP / Target audience focus enabling more effective prospecting. Re-branded to align my value proposition / Developed PR opportunities through media connections AND I’ve opened an emotional support AND a fertility to birth practice within the prestigious Hale Clinic!” Susie Gower Specialist care for Preconception, Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth Preparation


michele kaye pic“I’ve been working with Janey to develop my book……but it’s much more than that…she has championed me and with her amazing contacts in the media world and she has already attracted some great press for me, I’ve been featured twice in The Daily Mirror, Essentials Magazine and Tesco Living Online and an upcoming piece in Saga mag – that’s before we start promoting my forthcoming book! I can’t believe how much we have accomplished and how much I have learned about myself and what is possible, all in one month. She is teaching me how to tweak what I have to offer to what journalists / producers want. I feel I’m being equipped to be able to move forward and stand in the spotlight…..I cannot recommend Janey highly enough, she keeps sending me press leads sometimes several times a week. Writing articles has become an exciting bonus activity which complements and forwards my book at the same time! And the regular contact with Janey really maintains momentum, keeps me on my toes!” Michele Kaye Healthy Living Coach Nia Black Belt Fitness Teacher, Nia 5 Stages Instructor




‘One to One’ Coaching Programmes for 2015

For practitioners, teachers, coaches, authors, therapists and experts – the PR secrets you need to get your message out there.

  • Are you fed-up of having a ton of great and powerful knowledge inside of you and not having any significant outlet/s to share it?
  • Do you wish you could attract dream clients  who are a joy to work with and of having a full-to-overflowing client list?
  • Do you dream of writing a book, of appearing on TV, or of appearing in your favourite magazine or newspaper as the featured expert?
  • Do you know that you really could do itif only someone would show you how?

Well, the truth is you CAN do it, and I’m here to show you exactly how.



2015-prwer-visioning-callIntroductory Power Visioning Call

One Hour Skype or Phone with me to get the clarity you need to move forward.



2015-authentic-imageAuthors Book Writing Program

I’ll help you write that book you know is in you. In just 90-days you can plan, design and write the book that puts your business on the map!


2015-prepare-to-shine.bannePrepare to Shine Program 

My Flagship programme. I’ll hold your hand over 3 or 6 months intensive coaching to refine your USP and create your PR Strategy to get YOU in the Spotlight


2015-VIP_dayUltimate VIP Day

1 Day ‘one to one’ Intensive with me to help you make it happen





On-Line Coaching Programmes for 2015

2015-audio-masterclass3PR and Media Skills MASTERCLASS

My downloadable 6 module Audio Masterclass packed full of PR Secrets to fast track your visibility





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Why Choose me..?

Janey Lee Grace 2013There are many people out there who offer training and coaching.  By working with me you I hope you will benefit from working with someone who has worn ‘both hats’ i.e. as an author/ business owner trying to establish a platform and a profile, and as someone who has worked in the media as a journalist/ interviewer and producer. I learned all these tips and secrets that I’m offering you today the hard way, but my efforts rewarded me with; as an author, – an Amazon No 1 Best-seller, as a presenter – 15 years (and still counting) as a co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show, (now 8 million listeners) and being voted the No 1 personality in the Natural Beauty Industry Yearbook for two years running, and a website that received a quarter of a million hits in it’s first month on-line. I currently write for over 20 magazines, and my dedicated PR efforts for individual clients have resulted (for them) in some life-changing Media breakthroughs.  Have a look at the Testimonials below. Drop me a line, and let me help you achieve your goal!




charlie-holles-new2“I just want to say how grateful I am to Janey Lee Grace. I connected with her at the Hay House Speak, Write, and Promote event and I am doing her full ‘Prepare to Shine’ programme. She offers great value in her coaching programme and goes the extra mile in championing her clients. Perhaps most important of all was that she truly believed in me and helped me to step into my power by uncovering my special quality. She helped me secure two features in Spirit & Destiny magazine. That alone has more than paid for my investment with her as well as how she has helped me to grow my business to a new level.”
Charlie Holles Author and Energy Healer


laura bond 2“Three months before my first book, ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo’ was due to be published – I was petrified. Enter Janey Lee Grace and her Prepare to Shine programme. Over the course of three months Janey – with her decades of experience and contacts in the field of holistic health- calmly talked me through what to expect and suggested simple, clever strategies to cope with any curveballs. After our first one-on-one session I left with a renewed confidence for both radio and television interviews and a deeper understanding of what I could offer both health coaching clients and readers.Since the book’s release I have spoken on radio shows and have been interviewed by leading tabloids. I would recommend Janey’s programme to anyone anxious about achieving their goals. Not only did Janey magically transform something I was worried about into something fun, but throughout the whole process I felt like I had a powerful cheerleader – full of wisdom and integrity – waiting in the wings.”Laura Bond, Journalist, health coach and author of ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo.’


Katrin bain“I heard Janey speak at the Hay House Speak, Write, Promote workshop and I knew immediately that she was the right person to work with. I had been looking for help with PR prior to that but had not found anyone suitable. Janey has the perfect combination of media experience and knowledge as well as an understanding of holistic businesses.I knew I wanted to work 1:1 with Janey over a period of time so I can have access to her knowledge, expertise and press contacts. Since working with Janey I have gained a greater clarity of the personality that I bring into my work and how to talk about my work. As a result I am much more organised and pro-active. I see more opportunities; I reach out with much more clarity to other people and have formed joint ventures and co-operations. I have had a constant stream of press requests which have led to publications in national print magazines and on-line magazines and blogs. I am now prepared enough to think ahead and write Christmas articles in September to meet print deadlines. And best of all: none of it has compromised the time I spent with my children. I have done business coaching before with a female coach who was all about full-time nannies which is not my idea of life-balance. As a hands on mother of four Janey is a very good role model in this respect too.Working with Janey is a very positive joyful experience. I have enjoyed every moment so far and am still implementing the advice she has given me. Working with Janey gives you clarity, direction and the skills to confidently approach journalists and respond to their requests. And as a bonus Janey will go the extra mile to champion you and your business.” Dr Katrin Bain – The Feel Good Parenting Expert


angela 2“I knew I needed professional help and Janey’s PR and Media Skills Masterclass is proving to be exactly what I was looking for. Already, the course has opened my eyes to the limits of my own thinking surrounding marketing and exposed some self limiting beliefs! Janey manages to combine business with authentic holistic values in a professional way, AND suitable for a British audience / market…….her understanding of PR and media is first rate, backed up by her experience in the field and her genuine interest in all things natural comes through. Janey IS what she’s teaching us…conscious heart centred business….I feel in very safe hands…..she’s a shining light, leading the way forwards. I now have all the skills I need to grow my business in an authentic way that is true to me and will benefit many more people. Hurray! Thanks Janey!Angela Bradshaw www.angelabradshaw.com



Alison Gardner“Sparkling. That’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling after my Power Visioning Call with Janey Lee Grace. Sparkling with hope, ideas, gratitude and excitement for the brilliant business vision that has emerged from her questions and insights. Janey teased out the tangled threads inside my head and made a golden ballgown with them…all in under an hour! She really is a fairy godmother. And I shall go to the ball.”

Andrea Gardner CEO of Purplefeather.co.uk Hay House Author ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’.



wendy fry

I love Janey Lee Grace’s PR and Media Skills for Holistic Professionals. Janey totally gets how being a holistic practitioner we have different needs to mainstream businesses and the small investment I made in taking her training will go on to reap many benefits, already i have received 3 press leads since starting the training.Janey’s  6 part module training course offers such content rich secrets that Janey shares from her own experiences as well as many free bonuses to help you with branding, being confident about whoyou are and your business, writing compelling content for blogs, articles and press releases as well asa host of presentation skills information for interviews on radio and in front of a camera.  Janey teaches us every step of the way how to raise your profile and stand out from the crowd through building a successful platform and take your business to the next level.  You can’t get this stuff out of a book, the programme has audio downloads, worksheets and video’s to appeal to every learning style.  I know that i will use this content over and over.  I recommend anyone serious about building their holistic business to make this small investment in themselves and their business to bring lifelong success.

Wendy Fry Emotional Health; Relationships Consultant, Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE


Diane - Aroma NaturalI have only just joined your accreditation scheme, have downloaded, read and re read your free e-book ‘You are the Brand’ and sent in 3 products for your Platinum Award all in the space of a few weeks.

I thought I knew who my brand was and to some extent I did but like most of us with this huge passion I thought I could help everyone and spent my time trying to do just that. I now know where my biggest passion lies and instead of stepping forwards, sideways, backwards I have already centred myself to go in the direction I want and am heading straight for it. I didnt expect to want to change things in my business, I thought I would be to scared to especially at my age, but I do and I am.

I don’t have contacts in the media world and have always floundered somewhat but as the Queen of the Natural and Beauty World as well as a presenter on the radio, Janey is able to steer you in the right direction on how to get your message out there. I now can’t wait to sign up for a Power Vision Call with her. Becoming part of the Janey Lee Grace ‘team’ has been the best step I have taken in my 5 year old business so far. Diane Viall, Aroma Natural
Signing up for Janey’s PR and Media Skills Masterclass was the most powerful thing single thing I ever did with my marketing budget. The wide-ranging and creative ideas in the class literally shook me out of the rut I was in, and opened whole new vistas of possibility for me. Because of an medical crisis in the family I had to drop out in the middle of the course – but because of the flexible way it’s set up, I could return to them in my own time, and work through the entire course at my own convenience. I continue to go back to these valuable lectures again and again – what a great resource. It’s not just a one-time deal – it feels like an ongoing relationship with a wise and experienced mentor that continues to yield gold for my business and personal development every day! Shann Jones – Chuckling Goat



I called on Janey for an Introductory Power Visioning Call as I was at the point of seeding a business idea which would launch me fully out into a much wider world than I have been working in for the past 15 years. I work in the field of Personal Development so I have done a great deal of work on myself and on my dreams and worked with others for many years too. Janey helped me focus on “who I am” and what my unique gifts are and gave me tools to discover what my ‘One Big Dream’ actually is and how I can make it relatable to my potential clients. Thank you Janey for leading me onto a new path of greater understanding of how I need to show myself to the world in order to be truly successful. Hilary Franklin Naked Voice Facilitator



‘’Janey had put together a fabulous offer on her Introductory Power Visioning Call, which instantly appealed to me and was amazing from start to finish. As a highly established Holistic Practitioner, I already knew my USP and where I wanted my brand to go. What I didn’t know, was how to get it out to the media & public on a national level. Within the first five minutes of the call Janey had established what I was about and didn’t waste any time focusing on my brands needs. She identified key areas that I had not thought of and needed to work on in order to get my brand out there.

Whenever you invest your time and money in any form of training or coaching, you need to feel that you have had the best value for money; has the person giving you the right advice to put your brand on the right track, in order for you to move forward and take it to the next level? Has that person given you sufficient information so that you are confident enough to take the next step without doubting your ability and outcome? Has that person guided you in the right direction in order for your dream to become a reality? When you invest your money in Janey Lee Grace, ‘Yes’ is the answer to all those questions.

I came away from my 40 minute call with clear set goals on what the next step was for my brand. I loved how easy it was to speak to Janey, even though I knew she was a bestselling author and BBC Radio 2 host, I felt completely relaxed with our conversation. After the call, I immediately signed up for her PR and Media Skills Masterclass Series, because I knew the outstanding value I would get from it. Janey helps you fill in the gaps of the where, how, and who questions, allowing you to get clear about your brand. Whether you are a beginner or as established as me, you can’t afford not to invest in her classes, workshops or calls if you want to get ahead. She is your angelic Guru, the only guide I want to take with me on my journey to the top.’’ Sophia Kupse – www.themusclewhisperer.co.uk


More Testimonials…

Janey’s passion and energy to help people get their message across more clearly and to a wider audience is infectious. Janey asks insightful questions and they move you to a deeper level of awareness and clarity. Her knowledge and first-hand experience of PR and Marketing is outstanding. Janey is knowledgeable, highly professional, genuine, down to earth and most definitely recommended.
Our ongoing one to ones are invaluable for the production of my book and great introductions to press contacts when the time is right will be just what I need to increase my exposure – I can’t say enough!Stephen Pauley, Founder, Be First Class Limited.

The great thing about talking to Janey on the Introductory Power Visioning Call was that she completely understands what I do and gave me some really clear guidance without the need for lengthy explanations. Her huge experience in both the media and the holistic industry helped me to get clear on what makes me unique and the key things to focus on to get the most relevant attention for my business. It is really important to me that the people I choose to work with are extremely authentic and passionate about what they do – I am pleased to say that Janey is one of those people.” Karen Gilbert – The Fragrant Alchemist www.karengilbert.co.uk

As soon as I saw this ‘Introductory Power Visioning Call advertised I knew straight away it was for me! Having the chance to talk with someone who not only understands business, marketing & PR but also the Holistic industry as well is a very rare and unique opportunity. Janey is incredibly professional, down-to-earth, focused and has a strong sense of vision. The thing I loved about our call was the fact that she held the highest vision for me and made sure that I could grasp that too. This call is a call to walk more fully into your limelight and Janey is the perfect facilitator for that. I also loved the fact that she instinctively knew where to ‘pitch’ the conversation and made sure that I left knowing my immediate next steps. I know this experience has put me on an elevated track and I can’t wait to work with her more…yes, I signed up for the Master Class straight afterwards! Michelle Delegat, Quantum Balance UK

“Janey has helped put my business on the map in an exciting way. I was over the moon that Janey wrote about my Angelic Lifestyle workshop in Spirit & Destiny Magazine which has given me incredible media coverage. Her media and voice training was a fantastic help for the recording of my CD’s as it gave me the right tips on how to make my CD sound fantastic. Definitely recommend.” Beverley Densham BSc (Hons) Angelic Lifestyle


Janey, I am thrilled with the outcome of my Ultimate VIP Day with you! I cannot thankyou enough for your friendly approach, your knowledge, and your skill atshowing me how to reach my potential in a heart centred way. As everything Iam now doing is truly authentic to me, I am finding that the tasks Iundertake are coming so naturally. Amazing. I have set straight to work tofollow through on your suggestions and can see my future in a completelydifferent light. Watch this space ;-)Amanda Nelson – The Artisan Spa


“As soon as I met Janey, I knew she was the perfect person to have a POWERFUL one to one with, so I emailed her that same night and booked my Ultimate VIP Day. Janey is very intuitive, very spot on with advice and knows precisely how to get the best out of one’s niche skills/passions/talents. She has insightful and really pertinent advice that can help change things VERY quickly. She’s lovely and funny and warm too. Just after one session, I am now writing and publishing my 1st ever book and it’s practically writing itself! I would never have thought to write a book prior to our session, but I’m really excited about it now! I am so glad I had the one to one with Janey and I would heartily and wholeheartedly recommend her with utter pride.” Lucinda Randolph – Author of the forthcoming book; “Good Grief.” -A practical guide to transformation, healing, truth and communication with Spirit after the death of a loved one.

“Dealing with the goats is the easy part of my business – it’s marketing myself that’s hard! But with a gentle touch and easy brilliance in a bespoke personal session, Janey Lee Grace showed me exactly where I need to focus to take my business to the next level. There’s a lot of noise out there in the business world, and to raise above all the chaos, the message has to be clear and laser-sharp. I could have spent years stumbling around in the dark, trying to figure out what Janey showed me in an hour. What a great way to kick off the new year – I feel inspired to take the next step to make my professional dreams become reality! Thank you, Janey!!” Shann Jones www.chucklinggoat.co.uk


“My One to One Coaching with Janey showed me all the tricks of the trade in my quest to become Radio and TV’s favourite Legal Expert”




Mark Betteridge and Co Solicitors

“Janey’s enthusiastic skills and passion for communication enabled hundreds of our course participants to leave feeling fully prepared for their brushes with the media.” Bishop Andrew Radford – Church of England Media Centre



“Janeys tuition was brilliant, her PR contacts came in very useful, and helped me get my foot in the door as a radio expert in continuing guest slots on the BBC”. Dr. Enid Taylor – The Taymount Clinic



I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to be on a chat show on Sky TV, I was asked back again and knew I could come across better 2nd time and organised a one-to-one coaching session with Janey to help me with this. Janey gave me constructive feedback on my first appearance on the show and helped me best prepare for the next show. She shared the benefit of her TV experience and gave me some useful tips- Claire Eva Pierce-Counsellor/Therapist North London and Herts

“Working with Janey for the afternoon was amazing. Starting with a holistic view point she gave me inspiration, ideas, confidence, reinforced what I already knew, helped me expand on some thoughts and helped me become a better interviewee in order to promtoe my business. I sing Janeys praises constantly – she walks her talk and to get the opportunity to work with and expert like Janey is a wonderful way to invest into expertise that takes a lifetime to gain – and Janey shares this with you.” Karin Ridgers www.veggievision.tv



Kevin England pic (1)After a successful 43 year career as a physiotherapist, chiropractor and a complementary therapist specialising in the healing arts of the Pacific Islands, I felt that the time was right to share my knowledge with the next generation. This entailed taking a quantum leap into the unknown, a land of presentations, teaching, interviews, book writing and marketing awaited. Then as though by magic, Janey’s article appeared in a complementary therapy magazine proclaiming ‘media skill for holistic business success’ without knowing anything else about her or her background I signed up…..this really was a leap of faith! Now having just completed the course I feel that I can face the challenges ahead with a renewed confidence and sense of direction. Kevin England DC. DD. author ‘Starlite~ the secret lomi’