December 19, 2014

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Janey Lee Grace PR and Media Coaching

The PR secrets you need to get your message out there.


‘One to One’ Coaching Programmes for 2014/15

2015-prwer-visioning-call-4Introductory Power Visioning Call

40 mins Skype or Phone with me to get the clarity you need to move forward. Just £97 ($152 USD)



2015-authentic-imageAuthors Book Writing Program

I’ll help you write that book you know is in you. In just 90-days you can plan, design and write the book that puts your business on the map!


2015-prepare-to-shine.bannePrepare to Shine Program 

My Flagship programme. I’ll hold your hand over 3 or 6 months intensive coaching to refine your USP and create your PR Strategy to get YOU in the Spotlight


2015-VIP_dayUltimate VIP Day

1 Day ‘one to one’ Intensive with me to help you make it happen




On-Line Coaching Programmes for 2014/15

2015-audio-masterclass3PR and Media Skills MASTERCLASS

My downloadable 6 module Audio Masterclass packed full of PR Secrets to fast track your visibility





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you-are-the-brand-janey-leeGet Janey’s new eBook Only £3.99

YOU ARE THE BRAND – An introduction to the tricks and tips of how you can become your own best PR. The Book includes success stories from authors experts, and entrepreneurs who share their strategies for success.

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3 areas of PR every successful author and entrepreneur should have….

Are you an Author, Expert, Teacher, Entrepreneur?
Or would you like to write a book, and develop your authentic business?
Are you ready to sky-rocket your visibility and success?

How would you rate yourself from 1 – 10 as a…

Public Speaker?

Great interviewee?

Go-to expert for Print media, radio and TV?

If you are weak in one area it could affect your success !
If a journalist called you now from a mainstream publication would
you know how to handle it?
If a producer called to book you for a TV show would you feel
quietly confident?
If you were asked to do a Ted talk do you know how best to
Prepare to Shine?
Benefit from working one to one with a number one best-selling
author, experienced Radio and TV presenter and sought after motivational

Janey Lee Grace Media Training

Janey’s New programmes of PR and Media Training in 2014/15

For practitioners, teachers, coaches, authors, therapists and experts who want help to get their message ‘out there’

  • Do you have an important message to share with the world but you just don’t know how to share it?
  • Are you looking for more clients, specifically ‘ideal’ clients who just adore you and really ‘get’ the value of what you have to offer?
  • Do you long to speak confidently, fluently and cohesively about the work that you do on audio, video and in front of a live audience?
  • Do you want to get your gifts out to a much wider audience via professional media channels, but don’t know what to do first, what not to do, or why?

If your answer is “YES!” to any or all of the above questions then keep reading, because help is at hand.

Read on to learn more about an exciting and business-changing opportunities to learn and work with the UK’s number one natural beauty expert, prolific Hay House author and  radio 2 co-host – Janey Lee Grace.


Training Programmes for 2014/15



The in-depth information and understanding that Janey shared about the PR world and how it married up with the holistic way of life was truly amazing and incredibly insightful. With assignments to complete in a logical, easy and thought provoking format coupled with one to one support from Janey this Media Star Plus Programme is no doubt this is the best gift my business could wish for!

On a personal note, I loved the one to one call, it was gave me the boost I needed to get moving. Funny it made me sit down and think about what I do, how I can help etc and above all how much I know! When you bumble along as I do, I didn’t realise there is a big world out there that could benefit from my help! So thank you for saying “you owe it – its your duty.” That really resonated with me but hey onwards and upwards and thankfully I’ve discovered the programme and who knows where it will lead! Susie Gower – Wellbeing Therapies


From the desk of Janey Lee Grace:


Consider me your PR Fairy Godmother, because I’m delighted to announce that I now offer my hard-won and highly-effective PR coaching and training exclusively to those who are here to make a difference in this world. As we all know, we have reached a time where both the mainstream population and the media are more open to healthier and holistic ways of doing things than ever before. Plus – and have you noticed this? - people have never been more genuinely ready to receive that information than ever before. They are literally hungry for it – but often they don’t know where to look. And yet, the more I speak with my friends, clients and colleagues in alternative fields, the more I discover that hardly anyone knows how to market themselves and how to gain the PR and media exposure that they truly desire and deserve, and if you’re reading this then I know that you want to reach these people so passionately, and to really get your message out there… then look no further…



Is this you…?

  • Are you fed-up of having a ton of great and powerful knowledge inside of you and not having any significant outlet/s to share it?
  • Do you wish you could attract dream clients that make your heart sing, and who are a joy to work with and of having a full-to-overflowing client list?
  • Do you dream of writing a book, of appearing on TV, or of appearing in your favourite magazine or newspaper as the featured expert?
  • Do you know that you really could do itif only someone would show you how?

Well, the truth is you CAN do it, and I’m here to show you exactly how.

And the good news is, the only thing standing between you and the reality that you desire is just one simple thing – saying ‘YES!’ to yourself and to your business (and to your future clients) and to working with me to discover that wonderful magic that sets you apart from others in your field and that which will form the foundation of your future holistic business success.


In my 20 years’ experience in Media and PR as a presenter and producer in radio and TV (and because I’ve been on the ‘other side of the microphone’ as an author/holistic living expert), I’ve repeatedly been asked to offer coaching programmes around media and PR skills for conscious business people who want to make a difference. In my Media Skills and Presentation training work with the BBC, independent production companies and the Church of England, I’ve discovered that I’m not only highly qualified to help you to live your business dreams and to get you seen and heard, but just as importantly I’m completely passionate about it!

So many people have asked for my help that I’ve decided – ‘it’s time!’


My first PR and Media Skills for Holistic Business Masterclass Series was a huge success, read some of the testimonials, our exclusive facebook group is a source of inspiration and more and more of the participants have begun writing books, got published, been invited to speak on radio and TV, been offered speaking engagements and attracted mainstream magazine and newspaper coverage. There’s now the chance for a very limited number of exclusive 1:1 VIP Days for anyone wanting to get clear on how to progress with their heart centred business right during 2013. (This is for you if you want my personalised VIP attention to get your magic named and claimed and a PR strategy put in place to make this your most visible business year yet.) Also I’m offering my new Prepare to Shine Program where I will hold your hand for a 3 month period to get you on the road to PR Heaven! To read more about the PREPARE TO SHINE PROGRAM, click here But if you simply want Clarity and direction on how to make it happen for you, why not try my 1 to 1 Introductory Power Vision Call, an hour on the phone or skype with me where we can create the best way to move you forward.


I look forward to working with you!


Janey Lee Grace – No 1 Personality 2013 Natural Beauty Yearbook.
Author of No 1 Best seller and award winning ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’






I knew I needed professional help and Janey’s PR and Media Skills For Holistic Business Masterclass is proving to be exactly what I was looking for. Already, the course has opened my eyes to the limits of my own thinking surrounding marketing and exposed some self limiting beliefs! Janey manages to combine business with authentic holistic values in a professional way, AND suitable for a British audience / market…….her understanding of PR and media is first rate, backed up by her experience in the field and her genuine interest in all things natural comes through.

Janey IS what she’s teaching us…conscious heart centred business….I feel in very safe hands…..she’s a shining light, leading the way forwards. I am confident that by the end of the course I will have all the skills I need to grow my business in an authentic way that is true to me and will benefit many more people. Hurray! Thanks Janey Angela Bradshaw

“Janey’s professionalism, wisdom, experience, clarity and humour helped to prepare me and instill confidence for my first radio interview and after just one coaching session with Janey, I have more clarity, confidence and direction. I feel inspired and motivated to get on with my first book and am looking forward to developing my business.” Tamara Donn – Pregnancy and Mothering Mentor


How I Can Help Put YOUR Business on the Map

Janey Lee Grace can help you step into the spotlight and build your holistic brand and inspire and teach you the skills to be able cope effortlessly with interviews on TV/Radio, public speaking, presentations and in print.

Janey has extensive experience as a producer and presenter on BBC Radio 2, several local BBC stations as well as The World Service, Independent Radio and Virgin Radio. She has also worked as a TV presenter with ITV, Channel 5, MTV and Sky One. Janey has interviewed hundreds of people from authors, charity spokespeople through to top movie stars such as Julia Roberts and George Clooney. She has also extensive experience on the other side of the microphone being an interviewee on TV, radio and in print worldwide. As an author, Janey utilised her media skills to great effect as an interviewee, resulting in her first book becoming am Amazon Number One Bestseller – one day after the interview was broadcast! Janey has been voted No1 in the top 25 Who’s Who in Natural Beauty 2013 and as part of her Janey Loves Accreditation scheme she is known to be the trusted voice for holistic recommendations.


More Testimonials…

“Janeys tuition was brilliant, her PR contacts came in very useful, and helped me get my foot in the door as a radio expert in continuing guest slots on the BBC”. Dr. Enid Taylor – The Taymount Clinic

“Janey has helped put my business on the map in an exciting way. I was over the moon that Janey wrote about my Angelic Lifestyle workshop in Spirit & Destiny Magazine which has given me incredible media coverage. Her media and voice training was a fantastic help for the recording of my CD’s as it gave me the right tips on how to make my CD sound fantastic. Definitely recommend.” Beverley Densham BSc (Hons) Angelic Lifestyle

“Janey showed me all the tricks of the trade in my quest to become Radio and TV’s favourite Legal Expert” Mark Betteridge and Co Solicitors

“Janey’s enthusiastic skills and passion for communication enabled hundreds of our course participants to leave feeling fully prepared for their brushes with the media.” Bishop Andrew Radford – Church of England Media Centre

“Teaming up with Janey Lee Grace has been one of our best moves for NATorigin. Since working with Janey we have had a lot more interest from beauty buyers and potential stockists, direct proof that Janey can add value to your brand.” James Sutton MCOptom Butterflies Healthcare Ltd

“For a small company, cost-effective marketing is a must. We needed to get our message out there, and one of the best ways for us has been our involvement with Janey Lee Grace. It obviously helps that Janey has a good profile thanks to her slot on the Steve Wright Show on BBC Radio 2, and of course her ‘Imperfectly Natural’ books, but what makes all the difference is Janey’s passion for all things natural. If you’re on a tight budget and need to raise brand awareness, this is probably your best bet! “Nic White Director, alva UK

I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to be on a chat show on Sky TV, I was asked back again and knew I could come across better 2nd time and organised a one-to-one coaching session with Janey to help me with this. Janey gave me constructive feedback on my first appearance on the show and helped me best prepare for the next show. She shared the benefit of her TV experience and gave me some useful tips- Claire Eva Pierce-Counsellor/Therapist North London and Herts

headshot low res

Three months before my first book, ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo’ was due to be published – I was petrified. As a journalist I knew the media often dismissed the subject of alternative therapies for cancer, and that any coverage I received would come with a heavy dose of scrutiny. I was wary of being caught off guard with difficult questions and unsure as to how to prepare for interviews and memorize a great deal of information.

Enter Janey Lee Grace and her Prepare to Shine package. Over the course of three months Janey – with her decades of experience and contacts in the field of holistic health- calmly talked me through what to expect and suggested simple, clever strategies to cope with any curveballs.

After our first one-on-one session I left with a renewed confidence for both radio and television interviews and a deeper understanding of what I could offer both health coaching clients and readers.

Since the book’s release I have spoken on radio shows and have been interviewed by leading tabloids – all without panicking or feeling like I failed to get my message out there. I would recommend Janey’s programme to anyone anxious at the thought of speaking publicly about their work. Not only did Janey magically transform something I was worried about into something fun, but throughout the whole process I felt like I had a powerful cheerleader – full of wisdom and integrity – waiting in the wings. 

Laura Bond, Journalist, health coach and author of ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo.’