HOT NEWS!  The Pop up shop is open!  The  special Flourish Platinum Awards pop-up shop at Hello Love to raise funds for the charity and give you the opportunity to buy some of the amazing awards entries!

See you at Hello Love, Bloomsbury. 62—64 Southampton Row.

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We have partnered with Hello Love and the Hello Beautiful Foundation for the Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards winners announcement event!

Our Janey Loves 2019 Awards event will take place on Wednesday 11th September – a vegan brunch exclusive event for judges, sponsors, press and selected category winners by invitation only.


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The Hello Beautiful Foundation is a UK based Cancer prevention charity that resides within London’s Bloomsbury, founded by Jane Hutchison in 2013 after her own diagnosis with Breast Cancer. At the age of 35, Jane noticed a lump in her left breast whilst in the shower. A week later she was diagnosed with Estrogen Positive Invasive Breast Cancer. She knew in the first week of her diagnosis she wanted to set up a Charity to help other young people learn about health, healing and make Cancer a more approachable talked about subject.


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Having a design studio— Hello Love Studio, the first mission was to use Art and Art Therapy to create awareness campaigns about ‘Beauty in Change’ showing the raw and uncut side of Cancer… but with a beautiful twist. She began alternative therapies and self-healing exercises which allowed her to live in a NonToxic way she had never given much thought to in the past.



Kevin Helton also Co-Founded the design studio Hello Love Studio and Hello Love, the awareness space where Hello Beautiful resides. As Jane and Kevin became more deeply immersed in the journey, they realised there was a huge opportunity to give back to society in a meaningful and relevant way. At the very least they wanted to help close the emotional void that many with cancer can feel. They explored and researched the spiritual & meditative side of looking after your health and wanted to illustrate the power of having a positive outlook on life’s journey.


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They started doing talks and workshops in Schools, Hospitals and Universities. This led to pop up festivals and awareness campaigns. They hosted the first ever NonToxic Festival in 2014 and opened Hello Love in March 2017.

When promoting their recent ‘Flourish Festival Glamour Magazine said of our awards hosts …

Jane and Kevin, Founders of personal sustainability venue HELLO LOVE, have an ongoing mission to raise awareness of NonToxic Practice, a style of living designed to prevent and heal degenerative disease such as cancer through the targeted removal of all toxic substance from daily life.

Following her own encounter with breast cancer, Jane set up the Hello Beautiful Foundation in 2013. As Jane (and Kevin Helton) sat in the Chemotherapy room at King’s College Hospital in 2012, the idea of Hello Beautiful was cultivated. As Jane signed forms to agree to having the treatment for her breast cancer, she felt a strong compulsion to explore other ways to heal. A week into her cancer diagnosis the duo decided Hello Love needed to exist bringing collaborators together to share healing methods.

Six years later, Jane helps people learn how to heal from and prevent Cancer every single day of her life. To date, the centre and charity have supported around 6,000 people going through cancer to explore alternative, nontoxic healing methods. In 2017, Jane and Kevin opened HELLO LOVE a members club and wellness space in London’s Bloomsbury. At least two spaces in every session at HELLO LOVE are reserved for people with cancer to attend free of charge and additional classes /workshops are conducted specifically with the cancer patient in mind. They work closely with Stella McCartney and The Marley Family with Selah Marley doing an artist in residence month at HELLO LOVE.

Their ideas, thoughts and knowledge about Cancer are constantly growing and evolving through the great people they meet on their journey. Their awareness space is a place where like-minded people can come and learn, practice and relax. Hello Beautiful offers free holistic treatment through different gurus who have a wealth of knowledge in their fields. Whether that is Doctors, nutritionists, Qi Gong masters, Spiritualist Healers to hearing the stories of the women and men who have gone through the same struggle.


It’s a place to  learn about many ways to heal. They collaborate with many different charities and organisations who are all making positive steps to change the face of Cancer and degenerative diseases forever. Their exhibits, talks, classes and other awareness campaigns are designed to highlight the benefits of living a healthy NonToxic Lifestyle —an experience that starts with mindfulness and extends into nutrition and social responsibility.

The Hello Beautiful spiritual home is situated at Hello Love, Bloomsbury. 62—64 Southampton Row.


UK Health Radio Spotlight

Janey talks to Jane Hutchinson about the Flourish festival being held in June at Hello Love, a creative space and home to the Hello Beautiful foundation- Listen here now>>>