We are thrilled to be partnering with Community Interest Company FAST (Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma) for our 2021 Platinum Awards.



FAST is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a mission to provide FREE and FAST one-to-one emotional support for ALL frontline healthcare & emergency workers in the UK as a way of saying thank you for all they have done and continue to do. In doing so, FAST are also seeking to raise awareness of cutting-edge, simple yet highly effective self-help techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone.   



The idea for FAST was conceived in March 2020, when founder, Wendy Stoten was approached to offer online treatment to a nurse on a Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit who was struggling with overwhelming stress. The change in just one short session was remarkable and other requests followed with equally remarkable results. Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma (FAST) was created to be able to roll out the service to as many frontline healthcare professionals as possible. 


Wendy has more than 35 years’ experience as a Business/Life Skills trainer and Energy Psychology practitioner. She is passionate about the rapidly changing world of Neuroscience and Epigenetics, to which EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and its extension, Matrix-Reimprinting so perfectly lend themselves. Wendy has had the privilege of helping thousands of clients of all ages move forward to greater achievements in both their careers and personal lives. Deciding to assemble FAST is the biggest therapeutic project of her career to date. 

There is currently 30+ advanced EFT trauma experienced FAST practitioners based all around the UK and also one in New Zealand and one in Dubai providing the support to the Frontline workers, and in their first year, they have provided over £43,000 worth of free sessions. The service is totally confidential and non-judgmental. Many of the frontline workers helped have indicated that this forms an integral part of the service offered. FAST aim to respond to enquiries and allocate a suitable Practitioner within 24 hours of receipt. 121620521_183817923299920_3219026742952594632_n
There is anecdotal and practitioner-based evidence to support EFT’s use as a first line of treatment for trauma. In these difficult times, as so many frontline workers face growing trauma, FAST are keen to help spread the message that tapping can help anyone who may be struggling with stress. One of the greatest benefits of EFT is that effective results can be equally achieved online as face to face. As the number of COVID cases in the UK falls, FAST is predicting a huge rise in post-traumatic stress cases among health workers, the real work is only just beginning and with their experience of trauma management, FAST is excellently placed to help. 

For more information on how to access support from FAST or make a donation go to fasttraumasupport.org.uk