We are thrilled to announce a sponsor for our 2022 JANEY LOVES Platinum Awards is The Taymount Clinic, known internationally as a specialist centre for the production of tested, certified, high quality gut bacteria and effective, efficient implant techniques. 




The Taymount Clinic, Hertfordshire, UK, is known worldwide as a specialist centre for providing Faecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) procedures for the replacement of good and healthy intestinal bacteria in situations where unbalanced gut bacteria are thought to play a significant part.  FMT is the re-stocking of gut bacteria from a health and disease-free source, to create what is described as more normal, healthier bacterial levels. 

Originally founded in 2003 as a small private clinic focusing on improving and maintaining optimal digestive health, initially the focus at Taymount was on gut flora dysbiosis. The methods employed were changing gut flora using a colon lavage procedure to remove the existing microbiome and then utilising complex blends of proprietary brands of commercially available probiotics as either oral supplementation or by cultured enema implant. Dietary advice follows the procedures to ensure that foods associated with the fermentation processes of commensal bacteria are included in the diet to optimise bacterial growth. 



It is not always about a specific disease condition or a known diagnosed illness, an increasing number of people who do not have a formal diagnosis experience bloating, sluggishness and general gut issues which are not directly related to a specific illness, but more to lifestyle factors including stress, post-holiday illness, antibiotic treatments, and today’s chaotic lifestyles and eating habits. 



Taymount Clinic provide a 10-day Faecal Microbiota Transplant programme which is 10 Transplants over 10 days at the clinic with a ‘rest weekend’ between days 5 and 6. Nutritionists will help with personalised dietary and lifestyle advice. You also receive guidance on how to prepare for FMT, Colon lavage and FMT implant, a daily FMT implant, support from a FMT Practitioner, implants from 10 different donors, and a post-programme plan. 

In addition to their main work, they offer functional medicine consultations with Dr Ruby – read about it here.