Every society worries about its children and it seems that in modern day society parenting can be extra tough.

There are plenty of children who aren’t thriving in school or at home, and when it’s your own child it can be a real challenge to foster resilience in your child, particularly if they face health issues, learning struggles, or bullying, just to name a few of the challenges that many of our kids have to deal with these days.

Is there a positive and proactive way to support our kids with finding their own path and navigating childhood at all stages? Felicity Evans, thinks so…

For 30 years Felicity has explored the links between learning and behaviour, working as a deputy head in a hospital school, and as a SENCO in mainstream schools. She then went on to support families with children with many behavioural problems and health challenges.

Felicity noted the surge of children in modern life who were struggling with the myriad of issues that often comes with childhood these days. To counteract this worrying trend, in 2000 Felicity set up a unique centre for small groups of children and young people.

Using her knowledge of the link between health, learning and behaviour, she continued to search out further solutions for children and their families, the results astounded her and many parents, and Felicity’s book ‘The Handbook for 21st Century Mums and Dads’ shares this invaluable information of what works for children today.


The information is shared in 6 easily understandable steps: Understanding, Nurturing, Loving, Communicating, Resolving and Playing and these 6 steps can make the summer holidays easier and more enjoyable for many families. These steps are covered with quick to read pages and illustrations, to give you more energy and time for fun as your kids get easier to understand and manage.


We all want to spend more happy time with our kids rather than being stressed out! The book can help mums, dads, carers and others with children to understand how children are different nowadays and how to support them with aspects of our rapidly changing world such as managing screen time, overcoming anxiety and lessening meltdowns. Many kids have challenges like Dyslexia or delayed speech and language, and struggle with traditional ways of learning – this book has great ideas and resources to help them reach their potential.


For those children who have experienced being given a label, Felicity explains that this is only part of the childshe gives supportive suggestions to solve what they find tricky and to help them reveal their special talents and gifts, giving children the inner resources to better cope with the ups and downs of daily life.


Here’s to calmer, happier more positive parenting!

“I was so out of my depth and worn down with constantly trying to be the ‘perfect parent’ for my exuberant, active and intelligent kids that I had lost my way and, more importantly, lost sight of who my kids really were.

Felicity showed me that being a parent could come from a place of love, fun and openness, just as I had once imagined! Felicity’s guidance and support turned our lives around and we’ve never looked back.”

From Natasha: Mum of 4


‘The Handbook for 21st Century Mums and Dads’ by Felicity Evans – published by Filament Publishing