It’s never too late to make a start and why feel your age when you could feel amazing!

In her new book EAT DANCE SHINE, Michele Kaye shows you that small changes make a BIG difference and it’s what you do every day that counts towards having great energy and pushing back the years.


In this book Michele talks about FOOD, the value of eating a rainbow of colours, superfoods, probiotics and sauerkraut, cooked foods and uncooked foods.

DANCE – the importance of finding an exercise you love and doing it several times a week to stay happy and healthy.

SHINE – in this final section, learn 10 ways to increase your experience of happiness and emotional wellbeing including tips on stress release, how to sleep better, EFT, mindfulness and gratitude.

Come alive with EAT, DANCE, SHINE!

Published by Filament Publishing, £14.99 plus P&P – Available HERE>>