Want to feel blessed, ease stress, feel motivated, and even ‘transformed’?

Look no further than this fantastic programme Transform Now from We are Blessed.  It’s a 28 day mind body soul reboot challenge which consists of online yoga classes, (6 live sessions a week and access to a library of recorded content), Fabulous guidance from Dominique Ludwig on how to eat to recharge, amazing motivational messages, daily meditations and breathing practices.

I was a bit skeptical when I first decided to give this programme a try, I’ve never found yoga easy, and have only ever made it work in a physical class. In the past when I’ve tried to follow yoga online, I will fess up, (no offence Adrienne) but I usually give up during the first ‘down dog’ and head off to load the dishwasher. This programme is a bit different, it’s way more than just a bunch of classes that you can rock up to or not, Yoga teacher Niki Perry and her team make you feel ‘held’ and nurtured and you do feel you are part of their community, as with the help of your assigned mentor, you realise that yoga and their whole ethos is so much more than just how long you can hold your ‘Asana’

blessed team

I had a ridiculously busy schedule unexpectedly, so couldn’t attend all the live classes, (I managed to catch up later) but I enjoyed the Vinyassa Flow classes, restorative yoga and the wonderful weekly ‘intention setting’ class.  Anna asked us to keep a journal of progress  and I loved receiving my ‘Blessed journal’ through the post. (A really nice touch!)

We were encouraged to take notice of what was going on, with so much stress and anxiety over lockdown, it’s quite a release to write down our feelings and draw awareness to our physical and mental state.  Getting the thoughts out of our head and onto paper, helps to process the thoughts, and then we can draw awareness to the body and get real clarity on how we were processing our emotions.

We were encouraged too to find our ‘Why’, our ‘Power Mantra’, and to create a vision board,  I hadn’t done one In years and it was great to be reminded of the value of allowing your unconscious mind to focus on what to manifest in your life.  As someone who always looks to the holistic picture I really appreciated that this programme helps you to reflect on all the fundamentals of great health.

dominque recipes

I was hugely impressed by the nutritional advice given, Dominique Ludwig is a great nutritionist whose meal plans and recipes help to reset the metabolism, curb sugar cravings and promote fat burn, the shopping lists given were extensive and I got some wonderful ideas for new healthy meals that hit the spot.

The community part is invaluable too, I loved seeing other participants posting pics of the meals they had created on the private facebook group, hearing how much more positive they felt, and in some cases, how much weight they’d dropped!

We all know about the benefits of yoga, it can help you to become stronger, physically and mentally, as they say..

                            ‘Yoga gives you peace, resilience, physical and mental strength (and a great bum)’

Whats not to like!

Sign up HERE and prepare to transform!