Most of us remember that moisturiser (and wrapping up warm) protects our skin especially during the winter, but our hair can suffer too, in all weathers and with all kinds of pollutants. For men concerned about hair loss this is especially important.  We invited Duncan Kingori to write this guest post for us..

You know the feeling. After taking so much care to style your hair and have it looking its ‘dopest’, you are encumbered by the terrible effects of pollution- from air pollution to bad taste in humidity and then splashes of water; you can’t help but groan “Oh no, not again!”  Pollution can make you feel like you’ve wasted all that time and effort for nothing: and now you’re here, standing face-to-face with absolutely nothing but messy hair. And that sucks very much.

How do you protect your hair from becoming a sorry case as soon as you step out the door of your house?

1. Take Time to Steam Your Hair

What these pollutants do to your hair is that they suck the moisture out of your scalp and hair, leaving your hair dry and very much open to further damage. How can you halt this process? Engaging in a weekly session of hair steaming is a good way to renew the moisture content of your hair, and although this might require you scheduling some time weekly, this process makes your hair healthy and very bouncy.

Steaming your hair also encourages your scalp pores to open up, and it cleanses the hair of contaminants/pollutants. The best part is, you don’t have to step out of your house and into a spa for a hot steamy session with your hair, all you need is a hot towel and a steamy bathroom, and whoosh! The steam effect is full-blown.

2. Without the Right Shampoo/Conditioner Combination, Your Hair Feels Scorned

You’ve heard how ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ yeah? Same goes for your hair. If you are using just any shampoo/conditioner combination for your hair without actually figuring out the best products to use, damn, it would surely attract those pollutants to your hair.

The first step to choosing the right shampoo/conditioner group of products is identifying your hair type. Is it naturally dry? Is your hair oilier than most?

Moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners are good for dry hair, while more balanced shampoos and conditioners would be suitable for oilier hair- whilst protecting your scalp. The goal with these products is to ensure that your hair remains clean and healthy while maintaining its natural nutrient content.

You can find out more about your hair type and the perfect kind of products suited for you at Your hair should feel lots of love coming from you!

3. Protect Your Hair More

Before leaving your house, ask yourself “Am I protecting my hair enough today?” Because each day is not the same, and you have a general idea of how the day would go, you need to be sure of whether your hair needs to be up in a bun, covered, tied or let loose. Giving your hair that extra layer of protection goes a very long way.

4. A Healthy Diet Cannot Be Over-Emphasized

Even with all the applause-winning products applied to your hair, they cannot substitute the effects of a healthy diet. One such a way is to take a protein-rich diet; and since hair strands are comprised of protein fibers, a protein-rich diet will encourage hair growth. So, take in that protein in healthy amounts!


5. Maintain a Clean Scalp

If your daily route is pollution-infested (as almost anywhere is), you must be careful to sport a clean scalp at all times. This is because oily hair attracts lots of pollutants, and who wants that?

Be one step ahead of the pollutants!