I will admit it, I am showing off! Its such a thing, ditching the booze and finally finding out who you are.
I’ve been running this site, or something similar for almost 20 years, but – probably saved by my ‘imperfectly natural’ title, I was drinking way too much throughout that time, and literally stepping around the elephant in the room that was alcohol.
I feel so blessed to have finally seen the light, and my only regret is now doing it sooner!
In the last 5 years, I have ‘come out’ about my sobriety with a Youtube vid (twas v scary!), done a few TV shows and debates, Given a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew! Trained as a grey area drinking coach, completed trainings in EFT, NLP Matrix and Family Constellations, done hundreds of episodes of the Alcohol Free Life podcast – written Happy Healthy Sober launched my Sober Coach training, (next training starts in March, get in touch to lock in 2022 prices, and the best most exciting thing of all…running
If you’re thinking of ditching the booze, remember you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!