When Rachel and Kenny McDonald couldn’t find a range of teas that were as ethical and environmental as they were delicious, they decided to create their own.  



Each tea has been expertly blended and packaged in West Somerset. The biodegradable pyramids are sold in eye-catching cubes designed to reflect the shifting colours of the Exmoor landscape.  Rachel has been fascinated by taste combinations and tea since her childhood in Pakistan.  Since moving to Exmoor she’s grown her own herbs for tisanes and foraged for healing herbs in the combes and moors of West Somerset. Working as the executive chef for the family’s award-winning pub, fine-tuned her taste combining credentials and now she turns her talent to tea, tweaking  classical tea blends with some surprising additions.  


Breezy Breakfast twists the classic English breakfast tea with ethically produced rare Rwandan leaves. 




Chillin Chamomile totally transforms the dry grass taste of chamomile with zesty lemongrass and sweet syrupy South African honeybush.  

Groovy Green packs in a dose of immune-boosting antioxidants, layered with Jasmine flower buds releasing their scent into the tea. 


Gorgeous Grey – their take on elegant Earl Grey is the perfect pick-me-up – the bright refreshing scent of bergamot and orange peel and corn flowers to make it extra-special, it perks up both your mind and taste-buds.

Devious Decaf is a drink-all-day without the caffeine buzz – a decaf tea that keeps all the taste without any of the chemical nasties.

Moorish Mint includes fennel and cocoa shells for a subtle hint of chocolate.

Exmoor Tea is totally committed to ethical and environmentally responsible production right through from the growers it works with to its recyclable packaging and its fully compostable and plastic-free tea pyramids (made from cornstarch).  In addition 5p from every retail pack goes to CareMoor, an initiative to support the Exmoor National Park where Rachel and her family live.  
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