The seasons are changing which means a change in skin condition for many of us, it can be challenge enough when you have ‘normal’ skin transitioning from summer to colder, harsher winter which can play havoc with skin, but what do you do when you are dealing with problem skin?

Skin Genius is a natural skincare range that I, or rather my son, can personally recommend! My son usually isn’t so interested in my natural stuff but this range he loves because he says it really works.

Summer can certainly cause problems for oily, spot-prone skin, as the sun causes sweating and skin overheating which results in inflammation and breakouts. So if you’ve managed to get through summer… now winter is on the horizon with a whole different set of problems! Cold weather, especially cold wind, combined with increased use of central heating has a drying effect on the skin and acne can worsen. Skin dries out from external factors, and if you try and compensate by adding a rich moisturizer, it causes a build-up of dead skin that clogs pores and bingo! you are suffering from painful dry inflamed skin.

Skin Genius is the solution to keeping your skin clear, it uses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients which help balance skin, clean pores and give you clear fresh skin that also feels comfortable.

It can be tempting to use harsher skincare products in an attempt to banish acne and clear skin, my son has tried many different products and although reluctant to try something more natural and gentle, the results from Skin Genius speak for themselves.

Skin Genius balances skin naturally to clear it up and keep it clear. Containing masses of botanical ingredients that have stood the test of time and help restore harmony to skin – and it’s not just teenagers who can benefit. Skin Genius will work for any age.

Developed by beautician Julia Vearncombe and homeopath Hilery Dorrian – Julia had 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry and is trained in beauty therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy massage. It was whilst running her own beauty business that she became aware of her client’s needs for more natural beauty products, particularly for their children who were suffering from skin problems. Julia realised that there was a need for an affordable, natural product specifically aimed at problem skin.

Julia teamed up with Hilery Dorrian who had previously developed and launched the Barefoot Botanicals natural skin care range in 1997. Hilery has 25 years of experience as a homeopath, Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist and regularly lectures at homoeopathic colleges both in the UK and abroad.

Together as a team they’ve created a range which is not tested on animals and contains no animal extracts. The collection comprises three products that are easy to use, a facial wash, clarifying lotion and a moisturising lotion.




The no junk 100% natural ingredients wash includes Red Clover, Calendula and Lemongrass,  which gently cleanses the skin, creating a smoother skin texture. The ingredients help restore harmony to oily and combination skin and treat skin problems in a soothing way. You can see and feel the results without all the harmful chemicals.


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The treatment gel is maximum strength and acts fast to treat inflamed skin. It reduces redness and smooths skin-tone. Quick and easy to use this can also be used as a spot-on direct hit. My son loves this, it’s a secret weapon for treating spots.



The moisturiser is non comedogenic, so it will not block your pores and it calms the skin. This really makes a difference to problem skin, soothing redness and helping to reduce scarring.