Skin Genius provide the solution to keeping your skin clear, using time tested, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients which help balance skin, clean pores and give you clear fresh skin naturally.

It can be tempting to use harsher skincare products in an attempt to banish acne and clear your skin but it doesn’t have to be that way and a more natural and gentle option may be much more effective.

My Verdict…“This natural balancing skincare treats skin problems in a soothing way – I love that it’s fresh, gentle AND gets results”

It’s better to get on top of your hormones and balance your skin naturally to clear it up and keep it clear. Skin Genius products are a fresh new way to tackle skin problems including pimples, spots and acne. Containing masses of botanical ingredients that have stood the test of time and will help restore harmony to skin whatever your age, as we know it’s not just teenagers who can suffer from oily troubled skin.

Skin Genius products have been developed by beautician Julia Vearncombe and homeopath Hilery Dorrian.

Julia had 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry and is trained in beauty therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy massage. It was whilst running her own beauty business that Julia became aware of her client’s needs for more natural beauty products, particularly for their children who were suffering from skin problems. Julia realised that there was a need for an affordable, natural product specifically aimed at problem skin.

Julia teamed up with Hilery Dorrian who had previously developed and launched the Barefoot Botanicals natural skin care range in 1997. Hilery has 25 years of experience as a homeopath, Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist and regularly lectures at homoeopathic colleges both in the UK and abroad.

Together as a team they’ve created the gentle yet effective Skin Genius collection which is not tested on animals and contains no animal extracts. The collection comprises a facial wash, clarifying lotion and a moisturising lotion.

While teens are renowned for having troubled skin, low grade, persistent acne also affects around 50% of adults too, according to clinical studies. This can be caused by the ongoing stress of demanding work schedules and hectic lifestyles. If you have adult acne it could be that you have sensitised skin comprising a number of conditions. This can be difficult to treat with products which are usually designed to address one specific problem.


The ‘No Junk’ ingredients in the facial wash work together on the skin’s surface and deeper in the top layers of the skin to bring immediate relief and longer-lasting results. Whether it be teen skin troubles or stress induced spots, the Facial Wash will restore harmony to your skin.

The combination of balancing ingredients in the citrus scented Skin Genius Clarifying Lotion has shown excellent results among adults as it can calm skin and minimise the effects of adult acne. It can bring immediate relief and longer-lasting results can be seen within a week.


The light moisturiser is non comedogenic so it will not block your pores and is easily absorbed into skin, it harnesses the moisturising power of nut oils. These special oils are very similar to the body’s own sebum so they help to balance oil production.

“The active ingredients help to clear the skin and calm any inflammation. Not only does the anti-bacterial action of the product help to reduce spots, it also guards against further infection and breakouts making it super effective for troubled skin,” says Hilery