Check out the article on good sleep in True Health Magazine which features products from Dajan Organics

A good night’s sleep is essential for cognitive functioning and emotional well-being. But in our daily lives that are consumed by the stress of money, work, family and relationships it is often difficult to relax into a state of calm, to the point where we can easily drift off to sleep. It seems many of us are insomniacs, particularly in the current global situation, and lack of sleep is an issue for everyone from new parents through to stressed middle-agers.

Stress and lack of sleep are often two things that go together. Watching the news has become quite normal as we all try to stay on top of what is happening and the abundance of negative news can trigger feelings of fear and confusion which, along with isolation can also bring on stress for many people.

There are many articles and tips telling us how we can change our habits and behavior and encourage a restful night’s sleep. A warm cozy environment is a good start. Turning off technology and gadgets at a reasonable time before going to bed is another suggestion as mobile phones, TV, computers and internet all emit EMF which can interfere with our natural system and contribute to headaches, insomnia and fatigue, and stress.

Using essential oils is a great healthy way to help ease stress and promote a relaxing sleep. Janet Shorrocks from Dajan Organics has created a new blend of essential oils, room and linen mists to help destress and have a great night sleep.

Their newly launched Sleepy Head Aromatherapy Room and Linen Mist smells amazing. Spray it onto a pillow and into the bedroom before getting ready for bed to create the kind of atmosphere that promotes relaxation and deep slumber.

Other combination blends of essential oils are bergamot, lavender and vetiver. Bergamot can be helpful during periods of depression, sadness or grief and is a great option to overcoming sleep problems. Lavender is a very well-known essential oil choice for relaxation, calm and sleep. It is one of those scents that you either love or hate, so it’s great to blend the oil with others to create a more pleasing aroma. Vetiver is amazingly soothing and calming and is a wonderful addition if you need to un-wind or de-stress. All three essential oils are in the perfectly blended 100% natural and pure Sleepy Head Room and Linen Mist from Dajan Organics.

They are an eco-friendly company who use ethically sourced ingredients from sustainable sources and support animal welfare creating products without the use of animal testing. They produce a range of holistic soaps, body scrubs, bath oils and moisturizing body oils, room sprays and blends. All products have undergone, and passed, a cosmetic safety assessment prior to being offered for sale.

Their manufacturing Studio is based in Bolton, and in August 2019 they opened their first Dajan Organics shop in the Market Place shopping centre. They also offer a range of relaxing treatments including massage, reflexology and facials within the store in a private treatment area.