Rebekah Shaman as her name suggests is a modern-day plant medicine shaman who has studied and worked extensively over a period of twenty plus years with three important ‘feminine’ Master Plant medicines, Ayahuasca (a tropical vine of the Amazon region, noted for its hallucinogenic properties), Cannabis and Cacao.

From 1998, for 14 years Rebekah apprenticed with a traditional Plant Medicine Shaman in the Peruvian Amazon, she also founded Hemp Global Solutions Ltd, growing hemp research crops in the UK and educating on the importance of using hemp for medicine, nutrition, fuel and shelter.

In 2013, after completing her Plant Medicine Apprenticeship in the Peruvian Amazon, Rebekah returned to the UK with 21 pounds of Cacao in her rucksack to offer traditional Plant Medicine ceremonies in the West, using Cacao. She facilitates sacred traditional Cacao Ceremonies around the world and trains others to work with Cacao. She also educates on the importance of ‘Plant Consciousness’ for our future survival. Under her brand Living Shamanically, she helps people living in the urban jungles reconnect back to nature and the natural cycles and rhythms of life – bringing all that she has learnt and sharing it with the modern world.

Rebekah and cacao pots

Rebekah has a BA (Hons) in Study of Religions, and MSc in Development Studies, a post-graduate Psychology Diploma in the Human Givens Approach., and she is author of ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice,’ and her latest book, newly launched ‘Beyond Illusion’.


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Beyond Illusion charts in detail the metamorphosis process Rebekah went through after her profound Peruvian Amazon Plant Medicine apprenticeship, in 1998. It shows how she had to start ‘Living Shamanically’ in order to rediscover her true self in the urban jungles of London. She uncovered the layers until she was able to go beyond the illusions of what she’d been conditioned to believe, to finally find the answers to her questions, ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’

The book is brutally honest, emotionally compelling and often surprising, it spans the complete 14-year healing experience Rebekah had which includes taking Ayahuasca and other plant medicines that reawakened her consciousness and empowered her to bring her light to the world.

This is a fascinating personal journey of awakening, a life-changing experience of entheogens, meditation, and connecting to nature.


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