A very effective natural method for reducing stress and managing conditions such as asthma and other chronic breathing problems, has been created by a UK (York based) Naturopathic Practitioner and Osteopath, Alison Waring – this powerful natural method can minimize or completely remove the need for OTC medicines and pharmaceutical drugs.

alison waring

Alison is owner of York Natural Health and regularly talks about the power of natural healing without medication. As a holistic therapist Alison has spent over 20 years studying and researching the body’s intrinsic healing ability, a graduate of both the ESO and the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy, Alison also has certifications in Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy and the Buteyko method. Her work is based around understanding how to work with the breath – as one of the most simple, accessible bodily mechanisms available, to both calm the nervous system and to heal certain breathing ailments.

After overcoming an asthma attack in three minutes without medication using a technique Alison has named Dynamic Breath Release, she was inspired to share her story of healing and empower others to be able to do the same.

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‘Breathe with Ease’, Alison’s forthcoming book is launching on 19th November 2018, in this Alison explains how commonly experienced breathing related conditions can be minimized or fully healed by learning how to pattern interrupt the behaviours of the mind and body, using specific breathing patterns as a bridge between the mind and the body.

As an unconscious body function, we typically breath in a way which does not optimise the health, healing and stress reduction and by learning specific techniques, it is possible to teach the body to release trauma, stress and anxiety – which in turn can often cause secondary ailments. In her studies and practice, Alison has worked with many individuals experiencing stress/anxiety, asthmatic conditions and breathing difficulty and has taught a specific method to consciously retrain breathing patterns through a variety of simple and very effective exercises and has seen patients recover and improve, an example of this is:

Rose (name change to protect identity) who suffered from asthma and was in her early thirties when she first saw Alison and successfully used the ‘breathe with ease’ method, based on the Buteyko technique along with some minor dietary changes, cutting out wheat and dairy, to come off her asthma medication, which she had been on since being a university student. Even during the winter months, she didn’t have a problem with her usual cold, where previously the asthma would be exacerbated. She remained mindful of her nose breathing and keeping her breathing slow, steady and relaxed. Two years on she has given birth naturally to a beautiful baby boy and is still asthma free, without medication.

As daughter of a naturopathic healer and granddaughter of Leslie Harrison, founder of the Nature Cure Trust, Alison has been immersed in natural therapy and healing for her entire life. A former sufferer of stress and breathing difficulties herself, Alison first experimented with her own body and found that she was able to dramatically reduce/alleviate her stress with a modification of the Buteyko Method.

The ‘Breathe with Ease’ methods are taught in Alison’s forthcoming book, programmes and private patient work.  If you would like to buy a copy of her book ‘Breathe with Ease’, please go to www.breathewithease.co.uk  visit Amazon or contact Alison by email at info@breathewithease.co.uk