The Sir. James 101 drinks are the perfect alcohol-free substitutes for alcoholic drinks. “No compromise on taste” is the vision and the aim is to offer the best alternative drinks for everyone looking for alcohol free alternatives at home and in a bar or restaurant. Sir. James 101 carefully creates the recipes using the finest ingredients aiming for the best flavours to match the expectations of serious nonalcoholic drinks. They are premixed so enjoy your favourite classic already mixed, full of flavour! 


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Gin Tonic2 (Sir. James 101) (1)

The flagship of the Sir. James 101 range is The Gin Tonic which has had great positive reviews and confused many people who really thought they were drinking a real gin and tonic.  

Natural flavours and extracts like juniper and lime which creates an attractive aroma of fresh citrus fruit and botanical herbs like juniper and rosemary. A fresh and soft bitter taste with hints of gin-flavours as you may expect. A pleasant sparkling taste provides a good harmony and balanced aftertaste. 

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Bitter Aperitif2 (Sir. James 101)


Also in the range is the Bitter Aperitif Alcohol Free fresh with a bitter orange flavour and herbs. The result is a sophisticated drink to be enjoyed on every occasion. 

Natural flavours and extracts of orange and herbs like rosemary, sage, clove and nutmeg are used to make this drink, the aroma is fresh with hints of orange and herbs followed by a fresh bitter taste and a light sparkling finish. 

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The all-time favourite mocktail for many is the Mojito Alcohol Free! Natural flavours and extracts of spearmint and lime are used to make the basis of this Mojito. Flavours of brown sugar which is usually added are clearly recognisable in this drink and the taste is full bodied which equals the rum flavour in a regular Mojito with alcohol.  

The mint aroma is very distinctive and recognisable with the fresh and tingling taste of mint, lime and herbs with a long and balanced finish. 

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