I will lay out my cards right now, I am not vegan, but I know a lot of people are, and I do believe its important to do it well!

I asked a US based guest writer to contribute this article for us..

All About Vegan Diets

Veganism is not a new concept, but one that has definitely increased in subscription and popularity over the last decade. People are switched on to the health benefits for not just themselves, but the planet as well in a way they have never been before. There are, of course, major appeals to this lifestyle. But, what do you need to know if you’re considering making the change? This guide covers all the essential basics of veganism.

The First Step

The biggest change will be giving up meat based products and switching to meat alternatives. For vegetarians, this will be slightly different as they have already made this change. The additional abandonment of all animal based products like milk, eggs, butter, cheese, and honey will be their hurdle to overcome. Though it’s not worth fretting over, because the market is filled with healthy and suitable options to facilitate the diet.

The Food is Plant Based

All the recipes, every meal, and each snack you eat will all be made from plant-based food sources. This means it might taste different from what you’re used to. This change is never a bad thing, and there are in fact wonderful opportunities to try new things and find a new favorite dish as you move along the journey. There are even a whole variety of vegan comfort foods to try out for those comfy movie nights or days when you don’t feel like being overly healthy!

Watch Your Recreational Space Carefully

Some alcohol is not vegan friendly. That means, when you’re going out to a bar or a club, you have to think carefully about what you drink as well. Not all alcohol free drinks are vegan friendly either so check in advance.

It Can Be a Healthy Choice When Done Right

Veganism supports healthy bodies. It is important to consider the deficits that not eating meat might impact, such as low iron and a lack of protein. Yet, every dietary style calls for a good balance of food types and veganism is no different in that respect. You have to find a balance for the sake of your physical health. Protein is essential to support your skin and muscles, for instance. When you find that balance, your health could be improved for the better. Veganism is particularly useful for people who suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

It Supports Sustainable Living

Finally, veganism is a step towards becoming more sustainable. Eco-focused lifestyles are becoming the new normal. People are consciously active in their choices towards supporting a stable environment and protecting the Earth as they go. Choosing a vegan diet will reduce food waste and impact the pollution factors associated with the meat industry too.

Vegan diets are great for those willing to try them. There are plenty of reasons why they have become so popular, and it’s not just about the health benefits!