Bemuse began as a buzz of an idea in 2020 by friends Anna Chalov and Nataliya Peretrutova who wanted to create a new drinking experience – something meaningful and unique and something that stood out from the explosion of low-alcohol beers, wines and ciders. Having tried existing meads, they were inspired to see if they could do things differently. Mead was intriguing because of its history and the potential for reinventing a new drink that was tasty, exciting, complex, unique and healthy. 




BEMUSE’s mission is to reboot mead for today’s generation and tastes, creating a delicious drink that is refreshing, lightly sparkling and low in both sugar and alcohol. In short, mead is honey wine. It’s honey and water fermented by yeast, but it can also be flavored with fruits and spices and hops. It’s its own distinct category, somewhere between beer and wine. They want to create intriguingly different drinks that not only taste great but are inclusive and kind to the planet so that everyone can feel good about consuming them, whatever the occasion. That’s why Bemuse mead is made from only all natural ingredients and with a natural fermentation process.




They also wanted a different way of building a business – one that is not only about profit, but which has ethical values that drive a sustainable and responsible operation. Bemuse enables enterprise and the natural world to learn from and support each other, raising awareness of the country’s dwindling bee population, the climate and the environment.

As working mothers, the founders of Bemuse have also built a business which provides a flexible working environment that empowers the team to be the best that they can be unhindered by the expectation of corporate conformity placed on them by societal pressure.

Offering a unique range of delicious flavours the drinks are made using a natural fermentation process with only honey, water and yeast and infused with natural ingredients, they are light, sparkling, and low in alcohol (0.5%), low in calories and low in sugar.  

With 4 flavours in cans with a lovely design! 

Bemuse sparkling low-alcohol mead was named Best low-or no alcohol drink and Best sparkling drink at 19th edition of the at the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2021 and the range of four flavoured meads was also shortlisted in the categories for Best beverage concept and Best packaging design for its sensorial can featuring an inspiring, fictional Bemuse bee.

The Tarragon, Basil and Hops flavour was awarded Gold at the Spring Tasting 2022 awards with the other flavours each receiving a Silver Award.


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Hops Sparkling Mead – brewed with Wildflower Honey a polyfloral honey made when bees pollinate a variety of flowers and blossoms. It has a light and fruity flavour, the specific wildflowers from which the bees got the nectar to make this honey will make the flavour more delicate or intense. 


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Raspberry Sparkling Mead – with Orange Blossom Honey which has a pale amber colour and is produced by honey bees harvesting and converting the nectar found within the blossoming orange tree flowers. It has a mild citrusy aroma and a light refreshing sweetness. Raspberry Sparkling Mead has a Fresh and Aromatic flavour. 


60df5944a24af4d613b2953f_Can GINGER small

Ginger & Cardamom Mead – brewed with Apple Blossom Honey derived from the pollination of apple orchards by honeybees. Apple blossom honey has a light golden color and a pleasant and fresh aroma. It has fruity notes and leaves a light apple aftertaste.  


60df58cd79903bbab1df68a7_Can BASIL small

Tarragon, Basil & Hops Mead – with Heather Honey from the blossoms of Ling Heather, is rare.  It has a tangy, pungent, smoky, and mildly sweet taste and has a pleasant aftertaste. 


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Investment will grow the team & product range, as we work to obtain new listings & secure new partnerships. With a strong team leading the resurrection of mead, it’s time to join Bemuse & be part of the revolution! Check out details at this link: